Biden’s Approval Hits Rock Bottom Due to Gas Prices, Food Prices, and Shortages


It’s difficult to get lower in the polls. Nevertheless, Joe Biden keeps getting lower. He has broken every record in the face of how awful everything is so far as a candidate.

His Real Clear Politics approval rating has just fallen to 39.3% approval.

He is also the lowest in most polls. The Quinnipiac poll has him at 33%. Americans are spending $460 more per month due to it.

Americans don’t believe Biden is giving a damn at this point and that includes the Democrats’ response. Democrats are trying to distract from the misery that they inflict on people by holding Jan. 6 hearings. Americans don’t care. Biden keeps claiming that everything is great, while Americans know everything is going to hell in a handbasket.

Gas prices have reached a new record high, and food prices have seen the largest increases since 1979.

It is no wonder that Biden’s numbers are so low.

Things continue to get worse.

On Monday, the stock market plunged a lot due to persistent inflation and fears about recession.

The baby formula shortage has been ongoing since May when Biden began paying more attention to it. It has even worsened, with some states now having over 90% stock.

Joe Biden praised his few airlifts, but it doesn’t appear to have helped the situation. This was made worse by the fact that the government shut down Abbott and didn’t seem to care about any possible effect.

Biden claims that Putin is responsible for the price rise, blaming a lot on his invasion of Ukraine. This is a fabrication since gas and inflation went up well before the invasion. It also makes Joe Biden appear even weaker as if Putin is running our economy. It’s a stupid and dangerous excuse that makes Biden even less competent. All of this is not enough. Putin is selling more oil at a higher price than before Biden’s embargo.

Let’s add another thing. He may lose more women if he doesn’t handle the shortage of baby formula.

We noted that Democrats are talking about dumping Biden under the bus by 2024. They still have to address the current problems. If they try to deflect and claim that the riot of a year ago is more important than Americans not being capable of affording food now, Americans will send them a clear message in the midterms. The Democrats are not going to like it.