Biden Team Panics as Trump’s Social Media Machine Gains Ground


We all know, even if the Left refuses to admit it: Joe is unfit for office. They already know that we know.

It wasn’t the policy experience of Joe Biden that was the focus of the 2020 election. It was Donald Trump. After experiencing the real Joe Biden for the past three and a half years, the country will put aside its dislike of Trump and vote out the person who replaced him.

The Biden campaign has hit panic mode, as there are only seven days left before the highly anticipated POTUS debate airs on CNN.

She posted a message…

In a new snapshot of the state of the race, polling from Emerson College and The Hill suggests that former president, Donald Trump is keeping — or widening — his lead against Biden in six, key swing states:

According to new polling, former President Donald Trump is leading President Biden in six battleground states by a large margin.

The Emerson College & The Hill surveys indicate that the 45th president is ahead of Biden (47-43%), in Arizona (47-43%), Georgia (45%-41%), Michigan (46-45%), Nevada (46%-43%), Pennsylvania (47%-44%) and Wisconsin (47%-44%).

In each of the six States, Trump’s lead is the same as that reported by the outlet in May. It was done before the Manhattan Business Records Fraud verdict.

If polls are correct, it seems that Biden’s support in blue-states like Minnesota is declining.

In Minnesota where Republicans have only been elected to the presidency three times since Great Depression, Trump and Biden had the same 45%.

A dead heat in Minnesota?

In 1984, Ronald Reagan was unable to sweep all 50 states in that cycle because he lost Minnesota by 3,761 votes. A Trump victory would be a major blow for the Democrats.

I came across an article while browsing that confirmed the Democrats’ concerns about how Trump and the RNC are cooking up their gooses.

Salem Radio Network News

The SuperPAC that is most important for the U.S. Joe Biden, the re-election president of the United States, is raising millions in order to solve a problem that Democrats have been struggling with: how can they compete against Donald Trump’s Republican social media machine which spews out a wall full viral videos?

The previously unreported activities of Future Forward USA Action, a highly secretive group, underscores the concern among Democrats and Biden’s supporters that he and his campaign are losing in the viral video battle against the Republican Party who portray him as being too old and out-of touch.

Democrats say they’re catching up on a battlefield with few rules, and there are no ways to stop manipulated or false information from reaching the smartphones of millions or tens of millions of Americans.

The Palo Alto SuperPAC, founded in 2008, is backed both by Reed Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, and Dustin Moskovitz. They’re raising $10 million to better understand algorithms that help Trump and supporters dominate vertical video platforms.

Sources familiar with the company’s plans say that it will also work with influencers with a left-leaning to create and distribute content.

Maybe the Dems are trying to elevate Biden like Truth Social elevated Trump.

The editors may be needed to fix the Biden mistakes that are becoming more and more common, and then label them “cheap fakes”.

No matter what formula is used or other measures are taken, I would like to see the campaign continue until the elections in November. Then we can try to put the four-year worst presidency of American history behind us.