Biden’s Approval Hits Rock Bottom


Joe Biden has finally achieved being the worst ever.

Biden’s approval ratings are at 490 days, 40.9 percent, which is lower than any other president. Going all the way back to Harry Truman in 1945. This is Biden’s lowest rate ever and a nightmare for Democrats.

This data point will rankle Biden’s short-tempered personality. Despite all the media attacks on Trump, he is still lower than President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden 40.9%

Donald Trump 42.7%

Barack Obama 48%

George W. Bush 72%

Bill Clinton 50.9%

George H.W. Bush 65%

Ronald Reagan 45%

Jimmy Carter 43.1%

Gerald Ford 44.2%

Richard Nixon 57.1%

Lyndon B. Johnson, 68.7%

John F. Kennedy 74%

Dwight Eisenhower 61.3%

Harry S. Truman 43.1%

According to a new Reuters/Ipsos survey, Biden’s approval rating was 36%. The lowest ever recorded percentage in this poll was 36%.

Biden’s approval ratings among Republicans and Independents are extremely low. However, he is also falling in favor of Democrats.

Only 10% and 28% respectively of Republicans like President Biden, while 72% of Democrats approve. This is a significant drop from the 82% approval rate two weeks ago. This contributes to his overall lower approval.

While the problem may be partially due to high inflation, many Americans believe that the country’s economic situation is still in good shape.

Seven out of ten Americans (70%) believe the country is on the wrong track. Nearly half of Democrats (49%) agree with this sentiment.

It’s hard to find any positive with record-breaking gas prices and inflation. Violent crime is also on the rise.

Ironically, Biden arrived in Washington with all kinds of media support. Ipsos reports that Biden’s approval rating was 60 percent, but his disapproval rating is currently at 59 percent. This is almost a complete turn.