CBP Agent Rescued Dozens of Children, His Daughter, and Wife From Uvalde School


As we reported, parents were pepper-sprayed, beaten, and handcuffed while calling for police entry to the classroom where the Uvalde shooter was barricaded to save their kids.

There was a report from a Texas DPS lieutenant that police had gone in to get out their own children. That infuriated a lot of people who interpreted that as restraining other parents but saving their own. As we noted, the Texas DPS lieutenant did not say whether the police had gotten other kids out in the process. People were already upset over the question of police not going in immediately after the shooter, but waiting for some time, treating it as a barricaded suspect rather than as an active shooter situation.

It is important that you remember that the murderer was in a fourth-grade classroom, and people were getting kids out of other classrooms in the school. After the police had restrained one mother, Angeli Gomez, and cuffed her, she had local police she knew to convince the other law enforcement officers to let her go. Then, she jumped the fence and rescued her kids — one in the second grade and one in the third grade.

Now there’s a new story out that may explain the story about the police rescuing their own kids. And while we’re hearing a lot of stories now that give us concern, this part sounds like a CBP officer who did what he could to get a lot of people out. According to the NY Post, an off-duty border patrol agent, Jacob Albarado, got a message from his wife who was a teacher in the school. She said there was an active shooter, “Help” and “I love you.” He grabbed a shotgun from the barber he was getting a haircut from and sped off to the school.

Albarado found his second-grade daughter locked in a bathroom while his wife was hiding with her students. He cleared the entire wing, helping to rescue many more children. After he rescued his daughter Jayla, he continued rescuing other kids. “I did what I was trained to do,” Albarado said.

He said, “I am so mad, saddened, and grateful all at once.” He hopes that all U.S. schools will make changes and that teachers can carry guns to protect themselves and their students.

These are solutions that can be discussed, and they may have some effect. These are not solutions that liberal media or Democrats want to discuss.