Chicago State’s Attorney Kim Foxx Allegedly Slapped Husband During Domestic Dispute


According to her spouse, Kim Foxx, Cook County State’s attorney, allegedly hit her husband during a domestic conflict.

On June 4, at 10:00 p.m., a police officer from the Flossmoor Department in Illinois was dispatched by the home to resolve a domestic dispute between Kim Foxx (wife) and Kelley Foxx (husband). According to police reports, Kelley Foxx called 911 to report a domestic conflict with his wife. The officer was informed that the dispute was physical, but that there were no injuries.

The police report was obtained through a public records request.

The police officer arrived and activated his bodycam to see Kelley Foxx & Kim Foxx standing on the front step. According to the police report, Kelley said that Kimberly became mad at something he posted on Facebook.

Kelley says that Kim Foxx asked him to leave and he refused. According to Kelley Foxx, the situation became physical.

To paraphrase Kelley Foxx’s statement, police wrote that “[Kelley Foxx] explained Kimberly prevented him from leaving a bathroom.”

Kelley also stated to the officer that Kim Foxx had grabbed his collar and thrown his video game controller to the ground.

Kimberly took the control board from him and tried to turn the TV on. Kimberly then threw it away.” The report paraphrases Kelley Foxx’s statement.

According to the police officer, Kim Foxx was “all that is true” and was talking to Kelley Foxx.

Kelley Foxx claimed that Kim Foxx had slapped him across his left cheek. He did not observe any evidence to support his claim that he was struck. His face was not reddening or swelling.

The officer asked him if he saw any marks on his skin and he replied that he wanted to be left alone.

According to Kelley, “She cannot come into my personal space and place her hands on me.”

Kelley Foxx was asked by the officer if he felt secure in his home. He replied that he wanted to ensure someone understood what was happening.

“I asked him what was happening and he replied that she was being physically aggressive. The officer replied that he wanted it to stop.

Kim Foxx was also questioned by a separate officer who said she had an argument with Kelley Foxx. She wanted him to leave.

The Foxx’s 19-year-old daughter, also interviewed by police, said she heard the Foxx’s argument but couldn’t tell what it was and didn’t see anything.

According to police reports, Kim Foxx said that she had touched Kelley Foxx but it was to help him get out of his house. She also stated that she didn’t slap him.

Kim Foxx and Kelley Foxx told police that they’ve been together for more than 20 years, and things have never turned physical.

According to the police report, no arrests were made.

Foxx’s office source said that everyone knew about the incident immediately.

“We knew it was happening, but we waited for it to get started”. The source stated, “they would make it disappear. We’re told that we must be held to a higher standard because she is our boss.”

According to the source, the incident is likely to “go away.”

“I was born and raised in Chicago. I believe it will disappear, as with everything else”. The source stated, “machine democrats are able to make situations disappear when they get into trouble.”

Kim Foxx and Kelley Foxx released a statement saying, “This is a private family matter. We ask that you respect our family’s privacy and confidentiality.”