Biden’s Bombshell: Claims Women Sent ‘Salacious Pictures’ and Issues Bold Threat to Trump in Candid Interview


Joe Biden is currently in the midst of his re-election campaign, which means he’s been on vacation in Delaware and has had the opportunity to “interview” a few friendly faces. His enthusiasm on the campaign trail was truly inspiring.

Biden, who is unwilling to answer any questions that might be serious, recently recorded a session with Howard Stern. The clips of their conversation have been released. We can now add a few new tall tales to the list of the president. He also threatened Donald Trump physically again.

The interview is full of lies, so I will start by addressing the claim that women sent “salacious photos” to him while he served as a senator.

In this article, I will go through several clips, but the theme that runs throughout them all is Biden’s grotesque self-centeredness. I have often joked about him being the “reverse Forrest Gump”. (I made that comparison before Glenn Beck late last year). Biden is always at the forefront of any issue that he raises.

He’ll mention that his son passed away from cancer if he is giving a eulogy. When he talks about the Civil Rights Movement, he will claim that he was arrested because he stood up against racism. When the subject is pollution, he will claim that he developed asthma as a kid from refineries nearby. When addressing a truck driver group, he will claim to have driven an 18-wheeler. In the film, Forrest Gump appears at the center of many major national events. Biden’s fake life is an imitation of this, in which he places himself falsely at the center of every event. He’s the classic narcissist.

Did women send him “salacious photos” that he then gave to “the Secret Service?” This is not logical, as he would have been unable to provide them at the time. Biden doesn’t care about the truth. The goal is to create a façade of greatness. This clip is an excellent example.

Biden may have made this claim more than once. It is important to note that this never happened. The president wasn’t arrested during the civil rights movement. There’s also no proof that he had any role in promoting race justice during this period (although he was friends with segregationist Senators). It’s not good enough for Biden just to speak about it. He must make himself the center of attention, even if it means using black people’s racial injustices to satisfy his narcissistic needs.

The president, without spending much time on it, repeated the falsehood that while he played college football he had been “runner-up” in state scoring. This is false.

But the shady claims intended to make Biden appear bigger than life did not end there. He told Stern that as a lifeguard, he had saved six people.

Do you think that’s plausible? Why haven’t there been any reports about Biden saving someone from drowning up to this point if it is true? Biden became a senator, and then president. It seems like something people would talk about and remember. I know a lot of high school lifeguards. Saving six people from drowning sounds like an active summer schedule to me, but who can say? It’s the narcissism that is being displayed.

This continued in this clip where Biden played the tough guy, threatening to hit Donald Trump again.

Why does he fantasize about harming his political rival? It would seem that the press should take this seriously, but it is treated as normal banter. Could Biden defeat Trump? It’s unlikely at this stage, but it is about his narcissism. Biden is not only a Civil Rights icon, who almost led his state in scoring in football but also a prizefighter and enforcer of the street code in his old neighborhood (which varies depending on the story he tells).

Narcissism, narcissism, narcissism. That and a little senility.

Will fact-checkers tear apart this interview, or will they keep obsessing about every syllable Donald Trump says? We all know what the answer is.