Biden’s Memeworthy Moment: Empty Eyes Holding Apples Sparks Internet Frenzy


Joe Biden, who had just returned from a vacation at Camp David, went to Philadelphia on Monday.

He did his half-step jog. It’s always a few steps. I don’t know who told him to do it, but we don’t believe that it shows any vigor.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, he was going to be a volunteer at Philabundance. He was only there for a little over two hours. After his photo, he was gone.

While he was still there, they made him mix with other people. As I said, it’s not a great idea because he has so many issues.

He’s supposed to put bags of apples into boxes, but it doesn’t look like he is doing a good job, as people are working all around him. They then talk to him as if he were a child. He tells them that his wife earned her doctorate by working mainly at night. They then laugh and say, “Oooh.”

He had a goofy look when he raised the apples. This is sure to become a meme. This is a guy who is supposedly the leader in the free world.

He then tried to talk to another girl and asked her age.

Biden asked, “How old are you?” “11? “Wow,” he replied. He was separated from her by the conveyor belt, so he could not smell her.

As I mentioned, even though the photo opportunity was there, they did not want to keep him there for too long, or they would have had more problems, so they got him out quickly.

That’s all for the rest of the day. It’s all he has on his schedule. He’s not doing any “work” at the job that he is supposed to hold, only this acknowledgment of a holiday. It follows about 24 days which he did very little. Over that period, he had four public events on his schedule. It would be easy to think that there is no border crisis, or Hamas holding American hostages.

This is the candidate that the Democrats have put forward to run for the Democratic nomination. He looks like he’s lost his mind. Biden’s team can keep him running out in public like this rather than hiding him away. As you continue this, his numbers will continue tumbling as more people become aware of the Democrat’s candidate.