Fani Willis in Full Panic Mode: What’s Unfolding?


She chose to speak to a black congregation for whatever reason. Her claims of racial discrimination were interspersed with her moral and professional failures.

She is in a state of panic.

WILLIS: God, why don’t they look at themselves and just be honest? I mean, they can’t keep it a hundred with themselves? Why are they surprised that a diverse team I assembled, your child, can accomplish extraordinary things? God, wasn’t it them who attacked this lawyer of impeccable credentials?

I shiver whenever a politician who has committed immoral actions uses God to justify the behavior. Willis is guilty of this. Instead of taking responsibility for her affair, she blames God and hires her “lover” in a completely unethical manner.

Willis’ apology or repentance in a religious context would have been different. However, she has shown no contrition. Instead, Willis is doing what Democrats who aren’t White always do: claiming racism.

Willis stated in her speech, that the two other prosecutors in the case are both white, Anna Green Cross and John Floyd. She stated that allegations have only been made against her and Wade, the two black prosecutors involved in the case.

She asked: “Aren’t they playing the Race Card by constantly thinking that I need someone from another jurisdiction in another State to teach me something I’ve been doing for almost 30 years?” ”

Green Cross is white. They didn’t have an affair. Although the audience agreed, I doubt anyone with a reasonable mind would agree.

Willis’ alternate universe states that if she were white, no one would have minded that she hired her boytoy to work at a very high level and prosecuted the former President of the United States. There is no evidence. Race has nothing to do with the critics.

Her skin color may have shielded her from scrutiny. A black university president resigned after doing the same at the same hearing.

Imagine how arrogant Willis was to have gotten herself into this mess.