You’ll Never Believe What Dick Durbin Had the Nerve to Say


On Monday, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) feigned outrage at Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee for having the audacity to question Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson about her record. But most astounding was when Durbin, the chairman of the committee, denounced them for accusing Jackson of “vile things” during her confirmation hearings.

Sen. Durbin stated that “As a whole,” Republican colleagues treated the nominee with dignity and respect, starting with Senator Grassley, who was my ranking member. Durbin also said that they had made a promise not to make the confirmation process a circus and that most of them fulfilled that promise. Durbin said that some did not. “

He said, “Instead of interrupting Judge Jackson and badgering her and accusing her of vile acts before her parents and husband,” he continued.

Oh, really? Was Judge Jackson actually accused by Republicans? The bombshell claims were made at the last minute by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D.Calif.). This led to the biggest Supreme Court confirmation circus ever.

Christine Blasey Ford was Kavanaugh’s accuser. Even the witnesses she named in the testimony said that the alleged assault at the high-school party didn’t take place. Democrats nevertheless celebrated Ford’s courage and legitimized her story.

Durbin was part of the shame. This is a disservice to Dr. Ford, Deborah Ramirez, and all survivors of sexual abuse as well as the American public. ”

Let’s face facts, Democrats knew the allegations against Kavanaugh were false and wanted to stop it from happening.

Durbin dares to draw a parallel between this and legitimate questions about Jackson’s record of child pornographers being given lenient sentences.