Bill Maher Slams Woke Do-Gooders, Praises Mr. Beast’s Direct Approach to Charity


Bill Maher is attacking the “woke left”, regarding antisemitism at Ivy League Colleges, by calling such students “useful fools”.

This is part of the Left who are promoting whatever “thing” that they’re currently promoting. “These people need to be attacked this week.” “All of this is part and parcel of the “we are woke” movement, which demands that we rage! This is a way to make the permanently unhappy believe they can change the oppressed/oppressor binary.

Maher’s segment on this was a great example of how far people can go and that they are forced to criticize others who do good. Maher described how Mr. Beast was attacked for his charitable work by woke people.

He pointed out Mr. He pointed to how Mr. Maher claimed that those who could see seemed to think something was solved. Maher said that those who are woke enjoy being victims more than anything else.

He described Mr. He explained how Mr. Detractors of his said it was frustrating for him to “get all the attention”. Maher continued, “You want to know something else that’s frustrating? “Dieting out of thirst.”

Mr. Beast built an African orphanage. Then he was attacked as a “classic white saviorism”. Maher mocked the orphans, saying “Ask them what’s the worst thing they’ve ever experienced in their lives, and you’ll hear ‘Show-offs’.”

They are only making things worse.

He continued to say that the problem has permeated the entire government and NIH. The word “disability” has been removed because it can give the impression people are flawed or need to be corrected. Maher stated that if ever he became blind, deaf, or unable to speak he would not want anyone questioning his thoughts or waiting for him. He wanted you to fix him.

“Do something. AI is a great tool. Invent something. Steal body pieces from pet cemeteries. Steal the stem cells of a frog. It’s worth it! “Gene sequencing, robotics, harvesting clones. You can inject me with a hamster plate or use Impossible Meat to grow a gallbladder.”

He said there was so much fakery at this time of year, particularly about goodwill toward men, that it “lasted until January 2”. He claimed that woke people make everything into a “political identity”, including disability. He also said they were upset that Adele lost weight as if that was offensive.

Maher explained the woke’s desire to give homeless people an identity as a group, instead of helping them off the street. Now, this is seen as a “kind of judgmental”. He imitated the woke saying “Don’t disturb them in their natural habitat. “The left thinks that protecting the homeless from stigma is the most important.” “I think the most important thing to do is keep them out of the rain.”