Is Biden Losing It? President’s Mental Decline Takes a Nosedive in Las Vegas


He’s getting worse, folks. Indeed, Joe Biden cannot go more than two minutes without displaying signs of senility in public, but he is getting even worse than normal.

In a speech he gave in Las Vegas, the president praised “Bidenomics”, perhaps the worst political message campaign in recent history. Even though his economic policies had failed, they were only going to get worse. Biden’s mind went haywire while trying to read off his comically large teleprompter. This is, to my mind, a new low.

What’s happening? In less than 12 words, he ran through the four main delineations of numbers. He even hit two of them twice. It’s a feat in itself. What he wanted to say was not what he said. I considered transcribing what he said in numbers as a joke but my sanity is too important to do that.

Holy cow! How did this guy become President of the United States? I mean, I’m sure the answer is that American voters are really stupid and there were a lot of mail-in votes during the COVID-19 Pandemic. But holy cow. Let’s move on to the next video because I have nothing else to say.

He insults your intelligence when he is not insulting his. Bidenomics is a complete failure. The prices rose by nearly 20 percent in three years, and interest rates are so high that many people cannot afford to purchase a home. Could it have gone worse? It’s possible that a full-scale Depression with barren wasteland and bread lines could have been worse. But is this really what we wanted?

The president’s mental state didn’t improve.

Aside from the fact that he can’t seem to make a coherent argument, I would like to know what studies he is citing. There are left-wing academics who claim trains are faster to “get to point A to B” than cars, but this is not an absolute. Amtrak trains are faster to catch than driving across the country.

This is also true outside of major urban areas where traffic congestion speeds up the subway. The cars are only point-to-point. You can go anywhere in the United States. The trains are an outdated technology that is marketed as innovative.

While we’re on the subject of trains, let me mention that Biden repeated his famous Amtrak lies.

Falsehoods continued to be spread, including the oft-repeated statement that you could not own a gun when the Second Amendment passed.

It’s not true. I don’t know why he says that. In the years following the Revolutionary Period, the Americans could not only own cannons, but entire warships filled with cannons. The general public had access to every weapon of war.

If you want to blame it on dishonesty or senility (or both), the president cannot get through a whole speech without repeating falsehoods. And that’s even when he isn’t having a mental breakdown. What’s even worse? If the Republicans don’t pull their act together, this guy could win in 2024. I can’t imagine what would happen.