Food Truck Showdown: Armed Driver Stops Knife-Wielding Man Terrorizing Motorists


A Maine food truck driver may have saved lives on December 1st when he engaged and stopped a man with a knife who threatened to stab motorists and innocent civilians walking by. This is a great thing that traditional media ignores or pretends never happens.

A Maine food truck driver said that he shot a man as a self-defense measure after he allegedly threatened to kill motorists with a knife and threw it at them before a New England holiday parade.

You always prepare for danger, but until you experience it yourself, you don’t know what you will do or how things will play out. David Poto, owner of Addy’s Food Truck in New York City, told Fox News Digital that the incident that unfolded on Dec. 1 was “so fast and yet so slow at the same time.”

Poto and his wife were setting up the food truck in Sanford, Florida on the evening of Dec. 1 ahead of the “Holly Daze Parade” and the lighting ceremony for the Christmas tree.

Poto told the Portsmouth Herald that he saw an unidentified man threatening motorists with a knife and wielding it. Poto, who spoke to the Portsmouth Herald, said that he initially confronted him without showing a gun concealed behind his leg.

Mr. Poto displayed great restraint and even greater accuracy:

Poto claimed that he shot the man’s leg out of concern for the safety of his family and himself.

Poto: “I tried to avoid his arteries, I didn’t intend to kill him.”

Since I have been around guns all my life, if I were to advise against this tactic, it would be that of “shoot for wounds”. If you are in a situation where you feel you need to fire in self-defense, then you should aim at the center mass. However, I’d also warn against second-guessing. Poto acted with restraint and a clear-headedness that was incredibly impressive. He kept his cool and used the necessary force, saving the lives of many others. He did well.

This is why the legacy media despises incidents like these. The Second Amendment was created for self-defense, but it is not the only reason. Guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens are a great way to ensure our national security and our political safety. Thomas Jefferson’s “Commonplace Book” was a testament to the intellect of this man.

These laws prohibiting the carrying of weapons are of this nature. They only disarm those who have no intention or determination to commit crimes …. These laws are bad for the victim and good for the attacker. They encourage homicides rather than prevent them because an unarmed person can be attacked more confidently than an armed one.

Jefferson’s writings about Poto’s swift and decisive action are exactly what he was referring to.