BU Professor Reveals New Thing That’s Racist


Boston University costs $58,000 per year, but that doesn’t mean you will get anything even remotely similar to education for that amount. Today, Boston University, just like many American universities and colleges, is committed to producing thoroughly indoctrinated Leftists that will be reliable leaders in the fundamental change of American society that Joe Biden and Barack Obama promised. BU has Saida Grundy, an assistant professor. A racist apologist to rioting is exactly the type of professor universities are looking for these days. One on staff is a source of great prestige.

This is evident from the fact Grundy’s racist and pro-rioting comments weren’t just statements that she made as an individual. BU ignored them or disavowed them. You can’t deny it, man! This is 2022! BU proudly tweeted Wednesday’s video of Grundy talking about George Floyd riots and saying:

We need to understand the community’s reaction to George Floyd if we are to talk about it and understand it. We often hear politicians and civic leaders from both inside and outside black communities. We often hear President Biden saying, “You know what, I understand your frustrations, but don’t damage property.” In reality, the greatest weapon against injustice was the taking of black people as property from slavery. What we see is that communities are reacting to racism in what we call property. It’s important that people who observe reactions in communities do not judge them and make assumptions about the good and bad reactions. Not re-victimize communities with a list of acceptable and unacceptable ways to react. Listen to them and we will be able to determine what these communities require.

These common-sense truths against this nonsense are almost embarrassing in their simplicity. However, this age is one in which people don’t know what makes a woman, and they don’t know what a man is either. They just know that masculinity can be bad. Although it is true that black Americans were property in the United States, this was overturned in 1865, which was 157 years ago. The George Floyd riots resulted in no one looting property being a slave or having great-grandparents, grandparents, or parents who were slaves. The George Floyd riots were not a violent protest against slavery.

Slave owners were historically freed in the United States by various Northern states, before the Civil War. The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 was followed by the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865 to the Constitution. This is no longer fashionable. Grundy and others would have us believe slaves were freed by themselves (“the looting ourselves”), in Grundy’s vulgar phrase. A statue of Abraham Lincoln and a slave freed from slavery was removed in Boston in 2020. This is because Lincoln didn’t liberate the slaves; they did it.

Lastly, private property isn’t racist. Grundy doesn’t acknowledge it, but Grundy does know that black Americans also own property and would not like to see that property taken away as any other person would. If the property itself is racist, then where are all the anti-racists, including Grundy, who would like to see their personal possessions taken away to show the world that they stand by their principles?

Despite being absurd and contradictory, the idea that property is racist is in line with the Marxist agenda at universities today. So Saida Grundy will not be pushed back by her colleagues. She will dismiss any dissidents she encounters as “white supremacists” without hesitation and continues her journey. She might even be able to get a seminar topic about her experience with racism, and how it helped her rise above the racial divide.

Boston University costs $58,000 per year and this is what you get. No Thanks!!