November’s Looking Good for Republicans, If They Can Unify and Laser Focus on Messaging


Joe Biden does a great job of showing how many failures one president can accumulate in a very short time. He and his handlers also give a masterclass on how to NOT handle crisis messaging. It looks like Republicans will blow Democrats away in November. Republicans must remain united and focused, and not give Biden or Pelosi a second thought. The majority of them are doing exactly that. A frightening number of DC Republicans, however, are threatening the party’s ability and focus to defeat Biden and his merry band statists through their votes introduced bills, or messaging errors on crucial issues.

We can expect dissension from people such as Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, who continue to slam their coworkers while playing the role of the useless idiots on the January 6 Committee. Kinzinger is the only Republican to vote for the increase in the debt ceiling.

“Congress raised the debt limit last December by enough to prevent default until after the midterm election. Only one House Republican, Adam Kinzinger from Illinois, voted in favor of the increase. It was not supported by Senate Republicans.”

Blocking the Build Back better bill was one of the most significant victories for the GOP during the Biden era. Yet, Mitt Romney continues to push his Family Security Act which would provide monthly allowances to families with children younger than 6 years old. This idea was pushed by Never Trump Niskanen Center. He could be open to a deal between Democrats and Build Back Better to get it passed. This would be terrible for the country and would reinforce the Democrat narrative that Republicans aren’t concerned about children after they leave the womb.

At least Romney isn’t voting for Biden’s nominees in judicial matters more than 80 percent of the time, like his colleagues Lisa Murkowski or Susan Collins. We’ve gained a renewed appreciation of the importance of judicial appointments at all levels of the federal judiciary over the past six years, but those two have been reliable “yes” votes to support Biden’s radical nominees. Lindsey Graham is another example of a person who votes for Biden’s nominees over 50 percent of the time.

The economy is the biggest problem for Democrats right now. Whether it’s inflation or gas prices or baby formula shortages, Democrats’ usual spin isn’t working. Americans see what they see and know when they can’t pay their bills. A few weeks back, Rep. Katie Porter (D.CA) stated that inflation “reinforces the need for abortion” – just after she had called out her party for not understanding the impact of inflation on American families. The response to Joe Biden’s “plan” to address inflation showed that Democrats are horrible at communicating about issues around the kitchen table. This issue could be a major problem for Democrats in the fall. If they thought Mama Bears were strong when it came up to standing up against teacher’s unions, then they don’t want their children to see how powerful mothers can be when they can’t eat.

Yet, Republicans are unable to present a united front. Biden claims, at times at least, that runaway inflation is due to the federal deficit and blames Donald Trump for it.

“We are on track for cutting the federal deficit to $1.5 trillion by this year… Unlike my predecessor, it has fallen both years that I have been here. This isn’t an abstraction. It is important. Because reducing the deficit is one way we can reduce inflationary pressures, it matters to families.

Yes, Joe. When emergency pandemic measures are stopped, the deficit decreases.

Senator Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar join Biden in utterly claiming antitrust legislation is a solution to inflation. As absurd, Capitol Hill sources claim that Lindsey Graham is “committed” is passing Klobuchar’s American Innovation and Choice Online Act. This expansive antitrust bill would get only five Republican votes.

Although the names above are well-known Republicans there are some less-known Republicans who echo some of Biden’s talking points. Rep. Glenn Grothmann (WI), for example, recently emphasized key Biden talking points about the national debt and inflation during a speech in his district.

Grothman stated that when Donald Trump was President, Republicans were urged to spend more money. Grothman also noted that the Federal Reserve didn’t want another Great Recession, which occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grothman claimed that the Federal Reserve wanted the dollar’s value to be lower to help pay down the national debt.

He said that if you have $100,000 in mortgages on your house and inflation increases the dollar’s value, it’s much easier to pay off $100,000. ‘… Sometimes I wonder if there is a Federal Reserve that wants to decrease the dollar’s value.

Yes, the federal government is the biggest debtor, so working to reduce the national debt is a good idea. Although I don’t have the expertise to advise on economics, I know that eliminating expensive government programs is a key component of any plan. I also know that Democrats are not in the business of creating new costly programs. As a communications expert, I know that Republicans making points to Joe Biden that they and their sloppy press secretary are unable to make on their own is not the way to win. To fully capitalize on Joe Biden’s failure in November, Republicans must practice unity, message discipline, and unwavering attention.