California Rep. Mike Garcia Can Stroll to Re-Election as Christy Smith Floats Down That River in Egypt


Representative Mike Garcia, a Republican from California, is currently running for his constituents in California’s redistricted 47th District. He’s been focusing on the summer food drives within the district over the past few weeks.

Garcia will also bring it to Christy Smith. Smith was previously a California Assemblywoman. By 331 votes, she lost to Congressman Garcia.

Smith cannot close the deal despite the support she received from the entire Democrat Party.

Will she make it? Maybe not, if she keeps her feet in her mouth.

Here’s an example:

“And our president did such an amazing job, and we cannot admit to the GOP that right at this moment we are in a world filled with hurt. ”

Pro Smith constituents blame Garcia for not posting the whole video. Smith ended her speech with this kicker after the video.

“Best job report in American History!” Wages have increased by 5 percent. However, we still face high gas prices and inflation. President Obama, his administration, and the House continue to work daily on these issues. ”

It is possible that our president works on it. He flew to Saudi Arabia to ask for more oil. Selling our strategic reserves overseas.

His administration seems obsessed with depleting the food supply and forcing military personnel to live on Beyond Meat.

The House is also trying to ignore Roe-6 Commission nonsense. They are putting their federal noses into the state’s business and creating new constitutional violations through red-flag laws.

California’s new gas taxes have pushed up prices to six dollars per gallon.

What is the point of denial? She has a winning strategy.

Garcia created the Santa Clarita Valley Signal

I’m a member and receive daily updates from 27th Congressional District residents.

Smith hears almost exclusively through her progressive echo chamber and clapping seals.

I hear one thing more than any other: Californians are being cheated with far-left progressive policies Our people suffer.

These issues transcend politics. Gasoline is now more expensive than $5 per gallon. California’s gas prices are even more expensive at $6.

California truckers will have to comply with AB5

Expensive taxes and regulations that discourage workers from entering the workforce are all making it harder for businesses to survive. Californians feel less safe due to rising crime and Washington’s weak safety policies.

Both Republicans, as well as Democrats, are affected. This is the direct result of a far-left, progressive, system that was adopted by Joe Biden’s Washington, D.C. administration, along with liberal politicians in our state, and which places ideology over problem-solving.

Smith, being the progressive that she is, continues following the party dogma and supporting her pet causes.

Smith appears to be trying hard to be a three-time loser.

California Globe provides a detailed overview of Smith v. Garcia and the pivotal battle to win the 27th Congressional District. Garcia will win, especially if Christy Smith stays loyal to the party line.

Smith will again lose, but likely by a greater margin than in 2020.