Casey White Charged With Felony Murder in Death of Jail Guard Vicki White


Casey White, an ex-escaped convict, has been charged with felony killing in the death of Vicki White (a former prison guard who helped him in a dramatic escape attempt) earlier this year.

Vicki, 56, is believed to have killed herself rather than being apprehended after a car chase with police. It is not clear if the new charges against Casey reflect a shift in this fact pattern.

Vicki and Casey crossed several state lines before they were involved in the chase to Indiana. They were on the run for eleven days.

Casey’s trial has not yet been given a start date.

Casey was serving a 75-year sentence in prison at the time of his escape.

An audio recording of Vicky and Casey’s 911 call, taken from Vicky’s Cadillac as Vicky fled, supports the claim that Vicky had been injured in the accident.

The call also included audio from the moments before and after the vehicle collided and partially rolled over.

“She’s got a gun in her hand, and she’s breathing,” someone at the scene can be heard saying. “She’s got her finger on the trigger.”

Later, a coroner determined that her cause of death was suicide.