Trump Brands Haley as ‘Imposter’ in Bold Speech After His New Hampshire Win


The 2024 New Hampshire Primary was won by former President Donald Trump. John Cornyn of Texas immediately endorsed Trump, solidifying the Republican Senate’s support. Trump took the stage flanked by Eric and Lara Trump and Tim Scott of South Carolina, who led a “USA” chant. Trump’s initial remarks were short and sweet, and his comments were interspersed by those of his surrogates.

Trump thanked everyone present and New Hampshire in particular for his victory.

I would like to thank everyone. This is an amazing state, a wonderful, great state. You know that we have won New Hampshire now three times. Three, three. We always win. We have won the primaries, we have won the generals. It’s an important place for me. In 2016, we were here to win and we did it by 21 points. It was fantastic.

Trump initially alluded to Nikki Haley, without mentioning her by name. He called her an imposter.

Today, I must tell you that it was very exciting because I said wow, what an amazing victory. Then, someone dressed in a nice outfit ran to the stage when it said seven [points]. Now, I walked up to the stage and it read 14. She ran up when it said seven. And she said that we must do what is good for our party… She was giving a speech as if she had won. She lost, not won. We had a little problem last week. Ron was upset that she ran up to the podium and pretended she had won Iowa. I asked around, “Didn’t she finish third?” She came third. Then, I went to the polls. She was talking about who had the “most winnability,” or most likely to win. You may have seen the one I put up. In the last three months, we’ve won nearly every poll against the corrupt Joe Biden. We’ve won almost every poll. She doesn’t win these polls. It’s not your typical speech of victory, but we shouldn’t let someone take credit for her bad night. She had a bad night.

Trump called out New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu and said he was “like Hopscotch”, a child who doesn’t understand what he’s saying.

Trump reaffirmed Haley’s massive loss in Iowa and today.

Last week was an incredible week in Iowa…It’s the best caucus in history. Ron came in second, and then he left. She was third, but she is still around.

Vivek Ramaswamy was asked by Trump to comment on Nikki Haley’s refusal to end the primary.

Ramaswamy summarized the win in one sentence: “What we witnessed was America First Defeating America last!”

Ramaswamy continued:

It means a lot to be the leader of America First. This is important. We can see the dirty underbelly of American Politics in her decision to continue this race. The megadonors want to do something, but we the people say another. It’s our job, as the people, finally to say “Hell no!” We, the people, create a government accountable to us. We the people said tonight that we want Donald J. Trump again, as we did in Iowa. Do you want to tell the truth? That’s what you will do tonight.

Trump spoke about the border crisis when he returned to the podium.

Immigration is an important issue. We don’t know who these millions and millions are. Drug dealers, everyone. They just walk right in.

Tom Homan, ICE director under Trump’s presidential administration, was introduced to make a few remarks. Homan’s remarks were brief, which allowed Trump to return to the subject of polls and why winning Iowa and New Hampshire with such large margins had been pivotal.

It’s my third appearance, but I believe it will be the most memorable. We won both. Someone said that when you win Iowa or New Hampshire, there’s never been a loss. We won’t be the first to lose, I can tell you that.

Trump has finally turned his attention to the real enemy: Joe Biden, President of the United States.

If you put together the 10 worst presidents, they would not have caused the same damage to our beautiful country as Joe Biden. They wouldn’t have caused the damage. It’s been nothing like this before. You ask, “Are these people stupid?” I don’t believe so. Nobody can cheat this well if they are stupid. Hate they our country? It’s impossible that they could be doing what they are doing without hating our country.

Trump referred to Bidenflation – Biden’s attack against the American taxpayer – and the destruction Biden caused at the Southern Border. Trump said Haley would not win but that “if she won, those people would have her under investigation in 15 minutes.” Trump hinted at some secrets that Haley may have kept in her closet with a little backhanded gossip.

Haley and Trump were reminded by Trump that South Carolina was not the next destination.

She forgot to mention that next week, it will be Nevada. Next week, it’s Nevada. I love South Carolina but that’s not the case. We just beat Nevada 100%.

Trump and Scott exchanged banter regarding Haley’s rejection and Trump’s endorsement as they focused their attention on South Carolina where Trump led Haley by 50 points.

That’s a pretty big deal. In life, you can’t allow people to get away with bullshit. It was probably not so fancy when I saw her in that fancy dress. What’s she up to, I asked, because we won. She did it again last week. He was more upset than I was, so I told her to get up and tell them.

Ramaswamy’s ability to respond to Haley’s attempts to establish the narrative and his willingness to allow Ramaswamy a chance to do so alludes to his role as a key Trump surrogate. Trump concluded.

We have no other choice. If we lose, I believe our country will be finished. I believe it. I do. We have the chance to do something amazing. The good news is that we are getting the most support ever, with the highest numbers. This is because we’re doing something so wrong and evil. They are destroying the country.

Trump thanked again the audience and people on stage and made more promises about restoring energy independence in New Hampshire and across the country.

We’ll see on the Trail! Trump concluded.