China Warns of COVID Surge After Reducing Cell Phone Tracking and Other Measures


China’s recent protests are gaining momentum as the state begins to relax some of its tracking requirements and quarantine mandates. CNN reports that the government warns that this decrease in measures could result in unprecedented COVID-19 waves with the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.

Chinese authorities announced that the “mobile itinerary cards” have been canceled. This card was used to track the travel data of users for the past 14 days. Authorities could ban a person from entering a zone if they believe that the person has been to one of these zones in recent times.

China recently announced that many of its COVID long-standing measures would be reversed. Protests and clashes between police and protestors led to China’s lockdowns being reduced in scale, including its health app, mass testing, central quarantine, and centralized quarantine.

Positive test results can now be quarantined at home by citizens, while schools with no cases can resume regular classes. This is a remarkable change.

After lifting some restrictions, the government now warns that large outbreaks could occur with an insufficient number of cases.

CNN reported from Beijing that “city streets were almost deserted as people fell ill or feared they would catch the virus,” with continuing warnings about outbreaks, which the network called “dark days ahead” after the lifting of restrictions.

China Youth Daily, a publication of the “Communist Youth League of China,” claimed that there were “hours-long queues at a clinic.”

Officials from the Beijing Emergency Center claim that there was an enormous spike in emergency calls. This sixfold increase is compared to the usual 5,000 calls per day.

Zhong Nanshan, a “top COVID-19 expert”, warned that it is difficult to stop the spread of the disease in China’s state media Xinhua.

He stated that “No matter how strong your prevention and control, it will still be difficult to completely cut the transmission chain.”

A top Chinese infectious disease doctor spoke out about asymptomatic cases and stated that “people with the asymptomatic infection do not require medication.” This shocking revelation was made by Chinese authorities. It’s enough to be at home and maintain a positive mood and physical condition.

Li Tongzeng is the doctor who is accused of promoting the COVID-19 anal-swab test in 2021.