The Trans Movement Has Resulted in Biological Males Beating Women in Their Own Sports


In America, and around the world, biological men are still competing against and beating women in athletics.

The number of biological males competing against females is increasing due to the increased number of lawsuits filed in support of them.

Cece Telfer, a male-to-female track and field athlete, was awarded a “pioneering action” award for winning a national championship in 400m hurdles. This was reported by The Daily Caller.


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Tifanny Abreu is a transgender 6’4″ woman. She was once featured on the cover of a magazine that had the headline “one the guys”. Tifanny is a Brazilian volleyball player in Superliga Women, the top league for women. Abreu received an award in 2021 because she was “a winner on and off the floor”.

Adidas sponsors Abreu and featured Abreu in an advertisement spiking a volleyball above two women and then running alongside the girls at the beach.

The caption says, “She is not only an unstoppable athlete but she also uses the power of her voice to encourage others into their own identity.”

Now, Lia Thomas is an international sensation for her participation in NCAA women’s swimming. She broke several records.

Recently, we reported on a transgender hockey tourney that saw a female player get concussed by a male player.

Rachel McKinnon, a transgender cyclist, won numerous championships in 2019, competing against women. British Cycling banned transgender women from competing in its competitions in 2022 after Boris Johnson, then-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, made comments condemning male competitors.

High school athletes from Connecticut filed a federal suit in 2020 over the dominance of two male track and field athletes, who won 15 state titles. The litigation is ongoing.

Idaho is currently in a legal battle over a ban on transgender athletes participating in women’s sports competitions. The American Civil Liberties Union is representing transgender students. Idaho was the first state to adopt such legislation in 2020. Lindsay Hecox, a Boise State University transgender student, filed a lawsuit.

Indiana, which passed similar legislation is currently facing legal action by eight transgender women, biological males, who filed briefs to support a transgender child aged 10 who is suing the public school system.

A transgender athlete who performs at the highest level is a women’s soccer player who goes by only “Quinn”, identifying as nonbinary, and who played for Canada’s national women’s soccer team.