Connecticut Dems Want to Prevent Teachers’ Sexuality, Gender Discussions With Students from Being Obtained Via FOIA


A new Connecticut state bill was proposed by several Democratic legislators in January to “protect public school teachers.” Fox News Digital reported that the legislation would prohibit students and teachers from discussing “sensitive subjects” through Freedom of Information Act requests.

If Proposed Bill Number. If Proposed Bill No. 6192 is passed, it will amend the state’s general statutes. Parents and other members of the public cannot access conversations between teachers or students about sexual orientation, gender identification, or race.

On January 19, four Democratic state representatives, Sarah Keitt (Dynamic Johnson), Cristin McCarthy Vahey, and Jennifer Leeper, introduced the bill “An Act Concerning Nondisclosure Of Certain Communications Between Teachers and Students.”

In January, McCarthy Vahey and Leeper introduced a second bill to the Education Committee “to study how best religious holidays can be accommodated for all students without adversely impacting the school schedule.”

According to the Democratic Town Committee, Keitt is vice-chair of the Children’s Committee and assistant majority leader. McCarthy Vahey chairs the Public Health Committee. Leeper is vice-chair of the Education Committee.

Nicole Solas is a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum. She posted the legislation to Twitter, writing: “Connecticut wants it to be illegal to obtain any communication between a teacher or a student regarding sensitive topics such as sexual orientations, gender identities, and races.”

Solas pointed out that the legislation was not intended to protect children but teachers.

Solas’ tweet regarding the bill was replied to by one Twitter user, who wrote, “Teacher here. It is up to someone to tell these legislators that their job is to protect students, not teachers.

Another user on social media criticized the bills, writing that “teachers aren’t trained counselors and therapists & this goes beyond their scope of practice so please explain.” Why is there legal confidentiality protection? What code of ethics must teachers adhere to in this area? This ultimately hurts families and exposes children to risk. Perhaps that’s the point.

Solas claimed that Democratic legislators are trying to make it easier for teachers to keep secrets from their parents.

Fox News Digital reported that the state representatives didn’t respond to a request for comments.