Police Capt​ain Shoots and Kills Suspect in Lakeland Mass Shooting Who Fled Officers


After fleeing police and hijacking a car to crash into a business, a suspect in the Lakeland mass shooting was shot and killed last week by a Lakeland police officer.

In a Monday media briefing, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd stated that officers from Lakeland Police Department were monitoring 21-year-old Alex Greene in Eagle Lake. However, the man fled the police after he got into a white Chevrolet Silverado.

Greene was pursued by police for approximately 15 minutes when one officer did a pit maneuver which caused Greene’s car to be stopped in Winter Haven.

The man ran on foot to the traffic, with police following him.

Judd said, “Why he didn’t get run over is only the grace of God because traffic was all around the place.”

Judd stated that the man could not outrun police officers and stole a car belonging to an elderly lady who left it outside of a restaurant. Greene was seen by one of the officers stealing the car. He pulled out his weapon and called for him to stop. Greene is alleged to have driven the car toward an officer and shot six times at him.

After being shot, the man crashed his car into a business, causing severe damage.

Greene was later declared dead at Winter Haven hospital.

Investigators found that the suspect was wanted for other warrants. However, he was also wanted by police as a suspect in a Lakeland drive-by shooting where 11 people were hurt. A nearby surveillance camera captured the footage. From that shooting, two people were in critical condition.

Investigators stated that they believed he was involved but did not disclose details.

Later, police said that they had recovered two handguns and cocaine from Greene’s vehicle. They also found marijuana and nearly $3,000 in cash.

Judd told reporters, “Listen, only wicked flee when police try to stop them.”

“And that’s exactly what happened here.” “If he had not run away from us and not fled, none of this would have occurred.” The chief stated, “We didn’t choose him to be shot, he chose us to shoot him with his conduct,” he continued.

Judd showed reporters a photo of Greene in which he smiled while holding a large amount of cash.

Judd concluded that “He chose this to be the ending.”

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