Even ABC Throws in the Towel and Busts Biden, as Some Spin His Social Security/Medicare Remarks


Democrats are panicked that Joe Biden (a Republican) called Joe Biden “a liar” during the State of the Union. He claimed that Republicans were trying to end Social Security and Medicare.

Kevin McCarthy (Republican from California) is the House Speaker. He has made it clear, however that cuts to Medicare or Social Security are not in the cards.

Biden, just like all Democrats, lies about this. Twitter had to fact-check Biden’s false Sunday claim. It pointed out McCarthy’s statements.

Biden claimed that House Republicans threatened to cut Social Security and Medicare. This would jeopardize the dignity of millions upon millions Americans who rely on these programs.

His SOTU declaration was more measured, but still misleading for American citizens.

Biden stated that instead of making the wealthy pay their fair share, some Republicans want Medicare/Social Security sunset. ”

Tommy Christopher, a media professional, claims that Biden’s statements were true because he “qualified” them. Christopher was furious at Kaitlan Coll at CNN for failing to call out Rep. Nick LaLota from New York when he claimed that Biden had been lying. ”

But, if the GOP claims it isn’t on the table or suggests it might be, it is not Biden being truthful with Americans. Although anyone can claim that someone said something at once, this is not the reality.

Biden made comments about Medicare and Social Security being frozen in the past.

This argument suggests Democrats are “threatening to do so” now.

Biden currently targets Medicare Advantage. Christopher, and other media, will also examine this and point out how Biden proposes cuts/clawbacks for seniors.

Jon Karl was ABC’s anchor and didn’t believe this argument against Republicans.

Karl tried to spin the GOP’s reaction but Karl stated that “the stuff Biden spoke about Social Security [was] way over the top” and that “nobody seriously discusses ending Social Security in Republican Party,” yet he seemed amazed that Biden could “smile at such deceit. ”

Biden brings up this topic because if nobody is serious about it, why would he? It is the only way for Americans to be lied to. It is something that everyone knows.