Kat Cammack Has a Little More Fun With AOC and the Dems


Rep. Kat Cammack (R.FL) was a shaman who eviscerated Democrats in the battle for the vote to be Speaker. Cammack claimed that the Democrats were enjoying the Republican infighting.

Cammack said, “Diversity in thought is a positive thing.” It’s what sets us apart from our peers on the other side. Diversity of thought is a positive thing.

She continued, “But they want to divide us.” They want us to fight one another. This is evident from the alcohol, blankets, and popcorn that have been brought in.

Cammack’s shot was a big hit with the Democrats. Some people wanted her remarks to be taken down but there aren’t any rules. She didn’t break any rules.

“If only! “If Dems fired a shot for every McCarthy loss, we’d all be asleep by now,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), tweeted. It was kind of funny.

Cammack was then repelled by her lame attempt at coming back to her. She went out to drink.

“The House adjourned to dinner and because Rep. Cammack had already accused us as lushes, I decided that I would visit the local distillery [Cotton and Reed] for dinner with my loved ones,” AOC stated.

It was unclear to me what this was supposed prove by going to a distillery. Cammack seemed to be proving his point about the Democrats.

Cammack didn’t back down, and he slammed the Democrats more in an interview with Fox’s Harris Faulkner. Cammack joked that “if it wasn’t true why did they get so upset?” and noted that they had receipts.

Cammack stated, “AOC did prove me right in grabbing drinks yesterday.”

Cammack was told by Faulkner that they had put them in their places yesterday and that they needed to be called to order.

Cammack stated that “it must have struck a nerve.” It’s not surprising that it happened on Capitol Hill. There are literally cubbies for members to stash their alcohol.

Voting continues, and despite rumors to the contrary, there is no deal for the Speaker.