Thanks to President Biden, Your Taxpayer Dollars Paid $4.1 Billion to Support LGBTQ Initiatives in Other Countries


You are paying a lot of money for LGBTQ initiatives in foreign countries. A recent report claims that the Biden administration was quite generous in the last three years with your hard-earned money.

The White House has donated about $4.1 billion of taxpayer dollars for LGBTQ initiatives in countries such as Serbia, Armenia, etc.

An Epoch Times investigation revealed that during the last three fiscal years, taxpayers have contributed $4.1 billion to LGBT initiatives around the globe and in the United States.

According to an analysis of federal spending, from Oct. 1, 2020, through Sept. 30, 2023, the U.S. Government issued more than 1100 grants to finance LGBTQ-promoting projects around the world.

The scope of the project varies greatly.

The U.S. Government awarded the LGBT Life Center, in Norfolk Virginia, a grant of $1.8 million in 2022 to help create a “safe place for LGBTQ youth and adults to seek support and resource”.

The federal funding allocated under President Joe Biden will be used to fund diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), initiatives in many foreign countries.

The winning proposal was to promote “diversity and equity in Serbia’s workplaces, business communities, and by promoting economic empowerment and opportunity for LGBTQI+ in Serbia”. The U.S. Government awarded Grupa Izadji, a Serbian activist group, a grant in the amount of $500,000.

The United States gave $1 million to an Armenian activist group called the Pink Human Rights Defender “to empower the LGBTI communities” in Armenia. Armenia is a tiny nation next to Turkey.

You can filter the federal spending website to only show those entries that contain specific keywords. The list of payments filtered using the keyword “LGBT”, included 1,181 grants, 31 loans, and 9 direct payments during the last three fiscal years.

During the fiscal year ending on September 30, the government distributed 454,821 grants.

Researchers found this information on a federal government spending website when they searched for “LGBT”. This resulted in 1,181 grants, each with a payout of at least one million dollars. The total amount of these results was over $3.7 billion. Moreover, the term “transgender”, yields 574 entries totaling almost $478 million in large grants.

The Biden administration continues to push similar initiatives in the United States, even though much of the money has been spent on LGBTQ initiatives abroad.

Boston College received $1.4 million in grants from the government to study “mechanisms for health promotion among diverse youth by gay-straight Alliances.” The grant was used to promote gay-straight clubs in Massachusetts middle schools and high schools.

This revelation raises several questions. What kind of accountability, if any is applied to the allocation and usage of these taxpayer’s funds? Do federal officials approve these grants solely based on their political allegiance?

Second, and perhaps most importantly, why in the world does the White House use the money that it steals from hardworking Americans, to fund progressive causes relating to sexuality and gender identities in other countries? What are the effects of Armenian and Serbian LGBTQ issues on everyday Americans? What are the benefits of exploring these issues in other countries?

All of these questions are valid and important. It does not seem that the Biden administration is going to have any time soon to answer these questions.