Democrats Loose it on the House Floor After Their Own Precedent Backfires


Democrats are very, very upset that Republicans make them live by their precedents.

During the last Congress, the Democratic leadership broke the rule that allowed the minority party to determine its members’ committee assignments. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was expelled from all committees on the basis of the absurd claim that she was a threat to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Kevin McCarthy, the newly-minted Speaker, promised to follow through on his promise to repeal the rules Nancy Pelosi set up to target Republicans. The next step is to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar (House Foreign Affairs Committee) and that will be debated on Thursday.

As we can expect, Democrats will go ballistic. No one is more than Rep. Rashida Talib.

As she starts to sob uncontrollably, watch it until the very end. What? What about her political allies? It is embarrassing to see this unfold. Americans have real problems, and Democrats are lazy crying about a rabid antisemite being excluded from a committee she doesn’t belong on.

Tlaib was not the only one. Others from the “squad”, however, stepped in to offer their hilarious takes. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez brings up 9/11 to defend someone who once stated that “some people did something” about this historic atrocity.

It is quite bizarre that OcasioCortez’s interpretation of 9/11 isn’t that Islamic terrorists are a threat, but that Americans are actually mean to Muslims. This is a silly, false deflection that ignores the fact that Omar’s religious beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with her being removed from the committee. Tlaib and several other Muslims are in Congress, so if this were about Omar’s religion, they would be under fire.

Omar is an open antisemite, who has not only damaged relations with an important ally in Israel but also claimed that Israel’s Jewishness means it is not a legitimate democracy. Despite being repeatedly condemned, she continues to make antisemitic and false remarks about Israel and the Jewish People. The House Foreign Affairs Committee exists to promote America’s foreign policy toward its allies. It is not right to have someone like Omar on it.

Yet, Rep. Cori bush defended it and you will be shocked to hear that she blamed “white supremacy.”

White supremacy is the only thing Democrats dislike. This phrase is meaningless, and Bush’s use of it makes me laugh. You don’t need to make a strong argument about Omar’s race. It is her being a radical anti-Semite who has hurt US foreign relations.

The Democrats have set the precedent that the majority party can follow. Although they may not wish to follow the rules that they established, it is a matter of luck. Pelosi and her caucus ought to have considered this before stripping Greene of her committee assignments. Let them get wild. The keys are still in the hands of Republicans.