Democrats Win When They Lie, Ted Cruz Issues Dire Warning About Georgia Runoff


Ted Cruz has been spending much of his time in Georgia recently, trying to help fellow Republican Herschel Walk win his Senate runoff against Raphael Warnock. Walker’s win would maintain the Senate’s current 50-50 split with power sharing being divided between the two parties (with Kamala Harris receiving the tiebreaker vote). Warnock’s win would shift the power balance in favor of the Democrats, 51-49.

Senator Cruz said that there is a lot riding on the one vote that remains to be decided. He spoke with Fox News and said:

“If Democrats win here Joe Biden will quickly fill the federal courts full of radicals.” “They would take away both your liberties as well as mine.” “We are also very close to Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, being able to end filibusters.”

Both parties use filibusters to delay voting on legislation that is pending. It takes 60 votes for both sides to end a filibuster, and send a bill to the Senate for a full vote. Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin, Democrats, have opposed the end of the filibuster to this point. However, a 51-49 split could give Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader, the leverage he needs in order to get them back into the fold. Manchin will be facing a difficult reelection campaign in 2024. He may need to make friends with his party to benefit from their fundraising skills.

Ted Cruz has compiled a list of possible outcomes if the filibuster was ended.

He stated that the Democrats wanted to end the filibuster by doing the following: They want to repeal every voter integrity law, every photo ID law, legalize ballot harvesting across America, and register millions of illegal aliens all over America to vote.

They also want D.C. to have two new Democrat senators and to register millions of illegal aliens as citizens. He said that Democrats want all of this to ensure that they remain in power forever, as power is their priority.

The Democrats could easily pass a series of extremely radical bills that would further undermine the rule of law in America, and keep them in power. Then there’s the judiciary. Democrats still feel angry that Donald Trump was allowed to place three conservatives on his Supreme Court bench, and they are looking for retribution. The first steps are to pack the Supreme Court and install progressives in other judicial posts across the country.

Ted Cruz says that “Georgia is important”. There is a lot at stake. The best scenario for Republicans would be to use the runoff race as a way to learn from the midterms and then join forces with one goal: stopping Democrats. The Peach State could be the catalyst to correct the course of the country, as we are on a collision course for the 2024 presidential election.

Ted Cruz has more thoughts about the runoff. You can see them here:

Georgia’s Senate runoff election will be held on December 6. Early voting opens November 26th and continues through December 2.