Deputy Fires Shot as Driver Repeatedly Rams Into Him, Quickly Stops Playing Around


Video shows a driver repeatedly ramming a deputy’s vehicle in an intersection while doing donuts. The deputy fired one shot attempting to stop the driver.

However, the driver thought it was a good idea to keep ramming into the driver. The deputy was not amused and opened fire several times.

The assault on the vehicle was over. According to reports, the driver was hospitalized and injured.

KABC-TV reported that the incident occurred at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, near the intersection of Eastern Avenue and Florence Avenue in Bell Gardens. Bell Gardens is a city located in the Los Angeles metro area.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department informed the station that a deputy was driving along Florence when he observed the driver of a white vehicle speeding up and performing donuts at the intersection.

KTTV-TV reported that the deputy tried to stop traffic when the investigators determined the suspect deliberately rammed into his patrol car.

A bystander’s video shows a suspect striking the deputy’s vehicle, then backing it up and hitting again. Then he backs it up again and hits it a third.

The deputy then fired one round. The deputy fired one shot. It’s not clear if it hit the suspect, but it was certainly not enough to stop him.

The driver did indeed back up and hit the deputy’s car again, sending it onto the sidewalk near a pole.

The deputy then appeared to fire several times while the suspect stomped it in reverse, and this appears to have been how the situation ended.

KABC reported that the suspect had been detained on the scene and taken to a local hospital for treatment of gunshot injuries. His condition was listed as stable. KTTV said that the suspect is in surgery.

KTTV reported that the deputy was also hospitalized for injuries, but had been released. The names of both the deputy and suspect have not been released. KABC and KTTV reported that both the deputy and suspect were males.