Dishonest COVID Numbers From China


According to South China Morning Post Monday, China has reported nine Covid-19 cases. This includes two individuals who have returned from Canada.

In the United States, there are approximately 235,000 Omicron cases per day. The average number of Omicron cases in the United States is approximately 235,000 per day, according to the most recent CDC analysis. This compares with China, which has five times the population, who only sees one Omicron case every hour.

These numbers are not accurate for America. Positive at-home testing results don’t always get reported to health authorities. Many people aren’t symptomatic and are unaware they have the virus. The official Chinese statistics are ridiculous.

Yes, ChiComs established city-wide lockdowns and welded peoples’ homes. It is unlikely, however, that a highly contagious viral disease from another country suddenly became almost innocuous upon entering China.

Recently, there have been coronavirus cases from neighboring countries such as Laos and Vietnam.

Many diplomats, global public health officials, and world public health officials ignore Beijing’s lies believing it will make corrupt governments more honest in the future.

The Economist tried to calculate the true death toll from the pandemic.

They claim that China has experienced close to 2,000,000 deaths more than the “normal” trend. This is 17,000% greater than China’s official death rate of 4,600.

China won’t admit that Covid-19 was more harmful to the Chinese than Beijing.

To cover up Chinese failures, we are being fed absurd lies. We must demand the truth and stand up for it.

We are not going to boycott Genocide Olympics because our athletes could catch the virus in Beijing. Will our communist government notify us of any new variants in China?

We should be happy that evil corporations such as Google and Nike are paying tribute to the country that gave COVID-19 the world. Is this genocide?