Facebook Accused of Monitoring Private Communications by Conservatives


Facebook viewed private messages from people upset by the 2020 Presidential Election. Miranda Devine (New York Post reporter) has this information.

Devine, citing Department of Justice sources, states:

These allegedly subversive messages were flagged by someone on Facebook in the last 19 months. They then sent them in redacted form and without a subpoena to the domestic terrorist operation unit at FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC.

According to one source, the act was not within the legal process and had no probable cause. The condition of anonymity was met by the man.

Unsurprisingly, or ironically? It was not possible to find out what people were venting about.

The FBI agents who investigated the Facebook users were not able to find any criminals or violent behavior.

According to one source, it was both a waste of time and a wasteful decision. Subpoena requests were made in a 19-month frenzy at FBI Headquarters in Washington DC to produce caseloads that would match the Biden administration’s rhetoric about domestic terror following the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol Riot.

Facebook as expected denied that the incident took place.

Erica Sackin, a spokesperson for Meta, claimed that Facebook’s interactions were meant to “protect people from harm” in two contradictory statements she sent an hour apart.

In her first statement, she stated that these claims were false because they reflect a misunderstood about how our systems protect people from harm and how we interact with law enforcement. We respond quickly to any legal request for information. We notify users if necessary.

64 minutes later Sackin altered her language to declare that the claims were not true in an unprompted “updated declaration”.

“These claims are false,” DC-based crisis management specialist Sackin stated. Sackin worked previously for Planned Parenthood. He is now in charge of Facebook’s communications about “counterterrorism and dangerous organizations and individuals.”

Sackin can show that her professional history shows she is a strong advocate of political impartiality.

This is part of a growing trend where the FBI and Facebook have each other on speed dial. Brittany Sheehan reported in September 2022 that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, confessed to the FBI in a Joe Rogan Experience, that Facebook had deep-sixed Hunter Biden’s laptop story. Republican Congressional leaders placed Zuckerberg, Meta, and Meta on notice that they might not want to be Hillary Clinton in their communications.

This case confirms the alarmingly familiar pattern of the left going all Alinsky on those who disagree with its agenda. These cases are not known or openly discussed by anyone.