Stacey Abrams’ Embarrassing Weekend


It must have been difficult to be part of Stacey Abrams’ campaign. First, she has accepted all the praise the mainstream media has given her. She seems blind to the fact that not everyone loves her, especially in Georgia.

She continues to place herself in a position that makes it too easy on Gov. Brian Kemp and his team not only attacked her but also made fun of her. This weekend is a great example of why Stacey Abrams is such an embarrassing candidate.

Abrams visited Athens, Ga. on Saturday to speak at a rally and to give a speech to the people. Athens is a lively town on Saturdays in the fall. There’s a lot of tailgating. Kemp and the other GOP candidates had tailgated with Georgia Bulldogs supporters and hobos the weekend before.

With the Georgia Bulldogs leading the polls this year and looking unstoppable Athens is at the center of college football, at least when they play at home. The Dawgs traveled to Columbia, S.C. on Saturday to face the University of South Carolina.

Yes, yes, I do. It’s not the only reason people come to Athens for soccer. Athens is also a solidly left-leaning town. It’s much easier to find parking when there aren’t as many tailgaters.

If you want to reach voters who haven’t made up their minds, and not just preach to the faithful, then it’s better to show up when the team is at home than when they are away.

Erick Erickson says, “You don’t do this.” She did it, and she did it without much crowd.

Notice that she is wearing blue. While it’s true that blue is the official color for leftism, you would think she would wear the red and black of the school to college towns. She pretends to be a UGA fan.

This is an embarrassing moment. But there are more.

Abrams has made a huge deal of her Star Trek fandom. She even turned it into a breathlessly lauded appearance on the President of United Earth Star Trek show (sorry, if that thought makes you hungry).

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Greg Bluestein pointed out a hilarious mailer that the Kemp campaign sent out. This campaign piece capitalizes on Abrams’ close association with Star Trek.

“Planet Stacey. Boldly going where New York and California have been before.” This is a great ad that pokes fun at Abrams’ geekery (sorry to Star Trek-fan friends but she does seem obsessed), as well as her dependence on donations and influences from outside the Peach State.

Only 14% of Abrams’s campaign money came from Georgia as of July. Kemp’s fundraising, however, was almost identical to Abrams’, with 83% of his funding coming from within the state. Abrams’ campaign promises and values match the coast elites much better than most Georgians.

That is what polling shows. The RealClearPolitics average shows Kemp leading Abrams by 5.3 points as of this writing. This has been consistent. This is a completely different story than 2018 when Kemp and Abrams were in a close race.

Erickson points to the fact that “no poll this year has seen Kemp trail Abrams, and most polls have him leading by more than five.” The polls were 50/50 four years ago about who was winning.

Stacey, keep it up. Perhaps you will get a job as a Star Trek cast member once you have lost.