Fani Willis is Panicking, As High-Stakes Drama Unfolds


Fani Willis has finally addressed the accusations that she hired the person with whom she had an affair to work as a special counselor in her office. She decided, for some reason to make her remarks before a black congregation of churchgoers. She did this by interspersing claims of racial persecution with a complete disregard for her professional and moral failures.

She’s in full panic.

WILLIS: God! Why don’t these people look in the mirror and be honest with themselves? They can’t even keep it 100 with themselves, right? Why are they surprised by the extraordinary achievements of a diverse group I put together, including your child? God, weren’t they the ones who attacked this lawyer with impeccable credentials?

It makes me cringe when a politician, who has committed immoral acts, uses God to justify their behavior. Willis does exactly that. She blames God instead of accepting responsibility for her alleged affair and hiring her “lover”, in an unethical and completely inappropriate manner, to be a Special Counsel.

If Willis had apologized or repented in a religious setting, it would be different. But she hasn’t shown a shred of regret. She’s instead doing what Democrat politicians who aren’t white always do: claim racism.

Willis noted in her speech that both the other two prosecutors involved in the case – Anna Green Cross, and John Floyd – are white. She also stated that only two black members of her prosecution team – Wade and her – have been the target of allegations.

She asked: “Aren’t they playing the race card by constantly thinking I need someone else from another jurisdiction in another state to teach me how to do something I’ve done for almost 30 years?”

Green Cross and John Floyd are white. The other thing they didn’t do was have an affair. While the audience nodded in agreement, I doubt that any fair-minded individual would agree with this framing.

Willis’ alternate universe says that if she was white, nobody would have cared that she had hired her boytoy for a professional position at a high level while prosecuting the ex-President of the United States. What is her evidence? She does not provide any evidence because none exists. It is not reasonable to believe that race is a factor in the criticisms of her.

Her race may have helped her to avoid scrutiny. After multiple plagiarism allegations were made, in addition to the antisemitism controversy, she was forced out. This happened after a black university president had resigned for doing the same thing at the same hearing.

Imagine how arrogant Willis must have been to get herself into this situation. You better be in good order if you want to put a former President in jail for fanciful charges. Willis made the mistake of mixing her personal life with her work. She may have thought she could get away with this, which she might. She is clearly in panic mode.