FBI Bigwig Quietly Steps Down Just Before New Congress Probes Begin


The process of leaving politics in the top-tier is much like comedy. It all comes down to timing.

Steven D’Antuono, FBI master-blaster, was the top FBI official in Washington, D.C. He quietly announced via LinkedIn that he had resigned from the Bureau the previous day.

D’Antuono claimed that he made the decision to retire from his job to spend more time with his family.

D’Antuono was named by the House Judiciary Committee along with eight other FBI top-rankers as individuals who are able to give prompt explanations.

We also require that FBI employees testify promptly in order to improve our oversight. In order to arrange for FBI employees to testify before the Committee, we expect your complete cooperation.  It also stated that FBI Director Wray had not been available to discuss congressional hearings involving FBI. The letter fires a shot across Wray’s bow.

These requests have been ignored or not responded to adequately by you. If our requests are not answered by the Committee at the start of the 118th Congress we may have to resort to compulsory procedure to get the material that we need.

The House seems to be looking for answers about the FBI’s involvement with the KGB in political skullduggery.

The FBI’s involvement in January 6
The FBI refused to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop.
The FBI conspiring with Big Tech in order to conceal stories that could hurt Joe Biden or his family
The FBI acts as the Democrats’ pit bulls

He was responsible for what is now known as Michigan’s Governor. Whitmer’s “Fednapping”, in which several people, including a homeless man who lived in the basement of a vacuum shop, were trapped in an FBI-run plot to kidnap Governor, was a case in which he was in charge of. Whitmer — one month prior to the 2020 election.
After the operation in Michigan, D’Antuono was promoted as the Washington, D.C. office’s chief after the Jan. 6 demonstration, when the FBI had sources at the Capitol.

Hunter Biden’s laptop is the case that everyone wants investigated. And, even more important, 10% for the big man. In the weeks leading up to 2020, the FBI was allegedly involved in the investigation of the laptop case.