Texas Task Force Deploys Drones, K-9’s To Manage Unprecedented Number Of Illegal Immigrant Gotaways


Fox News reported Texas recently created a task force to deploy drones, K-9 units and other technology to fight illegal immigrant “gotaways” who are trying to evade border authorities.

The illegal immigrants who cross the border without being caught by border patrol agents are called “gotaways”.
Abbott posted on Twitter that at least 2,400 people have evaded Border Patrol every day along our southern border last month. ” “The border isn’t secure, despite the claims of Biden Admin. Texas continues its efforts to fill in the dangerous gaps left by Biden’s open border policies. ”

Customs and Border Protection recorded 136,000 more encounters at Texas’s border in October. This is 50% more than the October 2021 numbers.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, (R), created Operation Lone Star in March 2021 to address the crisis at the southern frontier. To meet the unprecedented invasion of our border, the initiative has seen an increase in size and scope.

Operation Lone Star now includes Texas’ elite task force. It includes troopers, drone operators, and tracking K-9s. The unit’s purpose is to capture illegal immigrants who have escaped the border agents to gain entry to the United States.

This task force has already arrested several groups consisting of adult men who are hiding from authorities. It also helps to identify cartel scouts.

Cartel scouts use radios and drones to find the best opportunities to traffic migrants across the border.

On December 2, the governor’s office released a press release stating that Operation Lone Star had arrested 328,000 migrants and made more than 22,100 criminal arrests.