FBI Raids Home of Pro-Life Activist, Demands Others Turn Themselves In


In connection to a March 2021 protest, the FBI raided the house of a pro-life activist. Live Action reports that other participants were told to surrender to their local authorities in order to face criminal charges.

This move was reminiscent of another FBI raid in September in which the FBI stormed Mark Houck’s house with guns drawn and seize his belongings right in front of his screaming children.

Chet Gallagher, a pro-life activist, was the victim in this case. However, he was out of town at the time the raid took place. In an attempt to find him, the FBI began asking his neighbors questions.

A group of people who were committed to saving preborn children’s lives visited the Carafem facility in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee as part of a rescue — an event to reach women who are seeking abortion and persuade them not to choose the life of their preborn children. Today, October 5, 2022, marks the culmination of a more than one-year-old event that resulted in a visit by the FBI to at most one of the activist homes. Others who were either present or participated in the event were asked to report to local authorities to face charges under the federal FACE Act (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act) and conspiracy.

Participants lined the hallway of a shared medical office building, which houses the Carafem abort facility, and the event was peaceful. The event was peaceful and nonviolent. Some captured the events on video. Local police arrested several participants that day. They were later released on bail for misdemeanor theft charges.

The FACE Act is unconstitutional garbage. It will be a matter of time before it makes its way to the Supreme Court. While authorities may have the power to remove protestors, it is absurd to think that the DOJ should be allowed to bring in federal charges.

It’s unclear whether the FACE Act has been violated in this instance. According to the report, protesters were found in the hallway of the shared medical building which housed the abortion clinic. They were preventing people from getting into the abortion clinic. The videos of the event also show them singing and praying and not intimidating anyone.

But it gets worse. Gallegher was not only charged under the FACE Act. This could have resulted in Gallegher spending up to one year in prison and large fines for exercising their First Amendment rights. Instead, the DOJ added conspiracy charges. This means that he could be sent to prison for a period of 10 years. This is a serious thought. People are now being charged by the DOJ with conspiring to plan pro-life protests.

The FBI and DOJ have not found any suspects in the many cases where pro-life groups were attacked since the Dobbs decision was first released. This war only has one goal. It’s designed to support abortion by preventing normal Americans from speaking up and trying to persuade females to choose life. Meanwhile, in Michigan, a pro-life activist was killed. Again, the federal government is not interested.

Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray are currently using corrupt bureaucracies as enforcers of the pro-abortion right. This aggression must not be tolerated by the pro-life movement. It would be a disaster.