Fetterman Slams Newsom’s ‘Shadow Presidential Candidacy’


It never occurred to me after watching Senator John Fetterman’s (D-PA) bizarre campaign that I would be writing a story opining that he is 100 percent correct on an issue, but as of late, the guy’s actually been getting it right on some things. He was the first to call for the removal of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), currently facing federal charges of conspiracy to act as a foreign agent for the Egyptian government, and his loyalty to Israel has been in stark contrast to the hysterical anti-Israel response of some of his Democrat colleagues.

Governor Hair Gel just returned from a trip to China that was not a pleasant one. He appeared in Israel for no apparent reason. He’s also been taking potshots at governors of red states such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott.

He even planned to debate DeSantis, despite the fact that only DeSantis was officially running for president.

He has done all these things and more. You would not do these things if you were trying to improve your state if you weren’t running for higher office.

NBC News reported on Saturday that Fetterman had removed his gloves at a Democratic Party of Iowa Dinner:

Fetterman noted that Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) has challenged Biden. He then took aim at Newsom, who is widely considered a potential Democratic presidential candidate but hasn’t run yet, and deferred Biden.

Fetterman stated that there are two other Democrats “running for president” in addition to Biden.

According to NBC News, Fetterman stated, “One is a Minnesota Congressman and the other is a California Governor, but only one has the courage to speak out.”

Boom! Rep. Kevin Kiley (R-CA):

Newsom was not the only person to accuse Fetterman and Kiley of being coy. Vivek Ramaswary, the Republican candidate for president in Iowa City, last October, had similar views, and he criticized Newsom’s performance.

This is a man who, in disguise, is running for president. He has a terrible track record.

Newsom has denied the rumors about his presidential bid. In September, he said that he did not intend to run for president in 2024. Instead, he is “looking forward” to helping Biden win re-election.

As Joe would say, “C’mon!”

Biden stumbles around in public, and his approval rating is at its lowest since Jimmy Carter.

Newsom knows that if the president is unable to complete his term, he would be the frontrunner. Kamala Harris, while a disaster for California is still a good person and is in agreement with the extreme left. Newsom says the right thing but is a disaster.

John Fetterman brought to my attention a problem I never would have considered.