One of Glamour Mag’s Women of the Year is a Man


You might think this game is getting tired, but the left is just getting started. Gracing the featured photo for Glamour magazine’s 2023 Women of the Year edition is someone who has no business being part of a Women of the Year feature at all because he is not a woman. But in these halcyon days of the left’s hegemony, up is down black is white and fantasy is reality, and so men are women, Hamas jihad terrorists are oppressed freedom fighters, and Joe Biden is a capable, competent chief executive.

Glamour magazine did not only show a man in a glamour photo. He did everything to convince the world that he was a woman. He did this by undergoing a series of surgeries and applying a great deal of makeup.

Glamour doesn’t differ. Like the left in general, this game’s goal is fantasy. “Geena Rocero writes her truth” is a title that is more like “her truth”, than “the truth”. The facts may not support their worldview, but that’s okay.

The Glamour article pretends that Geena is a model and a woman. Each glamor picture includes a note about his accessories: “Gucci look”. Maria Tash earrings.” Maria Tash earrings, Cartier rings and bracelets. Giuseppe Zanotti booties.” “Area suit. Maria Tash ears. Cartier rings. Jimmy Choo shoes” It seems that “Maria Tash earrings” are like “There’s no Place Like Home” in “The Wizard of Oz”: Just repeat it enough and presto. Geena will become a woman.

Glamour says that Geena’s stare at the camera is “captivating.” He has the kind of “merciless self-confidence” that comes only after 20 years of modeling. Glamour wants us to feel amazed by Rocero and tells us: “Once she has taken the pictures, she will return to the mortal realm to be with us. ”

Rocero claims, “It’s about small movements,” yet he is a proponent of a very big movement. Glamour reported that Rocero released her “groundbreaking memoir Horse Barbie” this year. In the book, Rocero recounts her rise from a pageant winner in the Philippines to a successful career in fashion and advocacy. She also shares her decision to share her trans-identity publicly. It was already clear that if you announced to the world that you were a man pretending to be a woman you would gain fame and fortune. Glamour, a popular magazine that promotes transgender issues, will continue to feature you and normalize the madness.

Glamour’s adoring profile of Geena would be incomplete if they didn’t mention that he is also a victim.

Geena Rocero, however, isn’t really all that persecuted. Predictably, his book (which gets his name from something he was supposedly called since his features are indeed decidedly equine) “was met with critical acclaim.” He even (of course!) got invited to the White House. He “presented copies to [of course!] Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who has kept the book in her office.”

Geena’s White House visit shows who really is in the crowd and who is marginalized. Glamour and the left won’t pay attention because they are too busy pushing their perverse, noxious fantasy mixture on us.