Generation Gap in the Badger State? Young Voters Express Views on Biden’s Performance


Joe Biden is losing the support of his coalition, which he needs desperately to have a chance in 2024.

As my colleague explained previously, the Monmouth Poll showed Biden with a 34 percent approval rating, and 61 percent in disapproval. Independents are at just 24 percent, and Democrats have lost six points in the last few months. That’s bad.

Biden’s numbers among young people, aged 18 to 34, are perhaps the worst. This is the group that would normally compensate for any shortcomings he might have with other groups. This group has a 23 percent approval rating. How can a Democrat be elected if he has 23 percent approval from that group? You can now see why Democrats are frightened and trying to discredit Donald Trump, the Republican leader. They’re in serious trouble.

I believe the dissent has two sides. Bidenflation is crushing the non-left people. It’s funny that he has thrown away a lot of what he claimed to believe to appeal to the Left, but so many people on the Left are still unhappy with him because they don’t get everything they want.

Tom Elliott has grabbed a clip that NBC used to put a face to some of the discontent on the left with Biden. He has a problem, even with people wearing masks. It’s in Dane County in Wisconsin, which is a blue region in a swing state. You can now see why Biden lost in swing states to Trump. You would expect these people to vote for Biden.

The chyron points out that part of the unhappiness about Biden stems from his position on Israel-Hamas.

One man says, “Not enthused.” “Almost every issue that I have in my mind is important to me”… Another voter on the left says, “I see Biden as a failure.” One voter says he isn’t as progressive as he would like, while another expresses dissatisfaction with voting for “grandpa.” There’s also the mask-wearer who claims she would probably vote third party.

This can be the difference between winning and losing an election. Biden has problems if he can’t hold on to leftists or mask-wearers.