RFK Jr. Blasts Sniveling Anti-Israel Host


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Krystal Ball had a heated exchange on Krystal’s “Breaking Points”, a YouTube show, on Monday.

Ball, with all the knowledge and expertise of a typical TikTok pro-Hamas supporter, threw talking point after talking point while Kennedy dissected them expertly. She was so upset that in the end, she tried to change the topic.

Kennedy: Hamas has a criminal bent.

Ball: Sure.

Kennedy: In history, international aid agencies have arguably pampered the Palestinians the most.

Ball: Are You kidding Me? Ball: Are you kidding me?

Kennedy: Why did you blame Israel for this?

Hamas is a part of the problem. It’s partly because Israel has imposed a “diet” and imposed a blocking of Gaza.

Kennedy: Israel is not obligated to help your neighbor. Israel gave 3,000 greenhouses and built 3,000 heated houses. Gaza would have been able to feed itself completely. Give it to them, and offer to rebuild Gaza’s Port to make it Singapore of the West. Hamas refused to accept the money or ideas of Jews.

What do they do? International aid agencies have given Hamas and Gaza more than 10x per capita what we gave Europe following the Marshall Plan. For every Gazan, they’ve received $8,300. In Europe, we rebuilt Europe using $621 per person. What did they make of that money? Gaza should be this beautiful country with beaches of white sand, a true paradise, instead of using the money to build this. Hamas claims that we do not want this. Hamas says they don’t want that.

Ball: Bobby, once again, nobody here defends Hamas.

Kennedy: Please let me finish. No, that statement you made is wrong. Gaza’s poverty is not Israel’s fault. Gaza should be the richest state on earth.

Israel has total control of the territory.

Kennedy: If you are going to war, then why insist that you blame Israel and not Hamas instead?

More will be added in a minute, but for now, I want to focus on the exchange above because it shows how ignorant your average “pro-Palestinian” is. Ball claimed that Israel is somehow responsible for Gaza’s poverty, but Kennedy provided the statistics showing how “pampered the Palestinians” have been in terms of international aid. I’m pretty sure that Gaza and the West Bank have received more international aid per capita than any other region on Earth in history.

It’s a prudent thing to do. Israel is not responsible for the filth and squalor of most Palestinians. Hamas and the PA have spent this money on terrorism, terrorist infrastructure, and promoting terrorism. This has led to continued instability. Palestinians are not innocent either. The polls show that Hamas is overwhelmingly popular and Jews are being killed.

Gaza was not hindered by a “blockade”. (Israel does not control the Rafah crossing with Egypt). Hamas chose to spend billions and billions of dollars in international aid on enriching its leadership and waging war. Kennedy continues to say that Hamas broke every peace agreement Israel had agreed to, even the one in effect on October 6th.

Ball’s attempt to change the topic at the end of the interview made it the best part. Kennedy responded to the question.

Kennedy: “If Mexico attacked us and we built fences, would you accuse us of caging Mexico? You seem to be blaming Israel rather than Hamas.

Thank you. It’s good that someone with some fame finally said it. It’s not inhumane to have a nation build a wall between itself and bloodthirsty terrorism. Hamas has abused the freedom of travel between Israel and Gaza. It is false to claim that Gazans are caged in. (Egpyt can open the Rafah Crossing without Israeli influence.) But it also ignores the fact that the fences are there because of repeated attacks by Hamas and terrorist groups.

Ball is clueless. She is the incarnation of all pro-Hamas supporters who are too active online and pretend to be “pro-Palestinian.” Kennedy is a liberal but he will never enter a debate if he doesn’t have stats or figures. Ball was not ready, she was only trying to move forward with crosstalk.