Kid Rock is Right About Bud Light Case, Even Though He Sometimes Straddles the Fence


It’s clear that the ill-fated Dylan Mulvaney fiasco at Bud Light will be remembered as one of, if not the most disastrous marketing decisions ever made by an international corporation.

That said, there were, and remain, multiple layers. This brings us to Kid Rock.

“The Kid” has been a “blue-collar-everyman” rock-and-roller from the beginning of his career. He does not care about the “establishment” and instead identifies with his fans. It’s safe to say that many of his fans are – or were – Bud Light drinkers.

Here’s more:

Rock recorded himself destroying the beer of the company with a semiautomatic rifle shortly after the Mulvaney case sparked a boycott nationwide.

Rock stated on “Hannity” that he is not afraid of corporate interests and does not feel bound by them. He said this dynamic allows him the freedom to express himself and speak out for causes without fear.

Sean Hannity, the host of Sean Hannity’s show, said Rock – whose real name Robert Ritchie is – has described himself as “uncancelable.”

Hannity jokingly said, “I call Adam Schiff – you don’t care a Schiff,” and “Kid”, in response, replied: “I am not in bed with corporate entities.” He continued:

You know, I would be in a situation where people might raise a fuss, so I decided to do it years ago. I’ve always been blessed. You know, despite my hard work and dedication to this profession for 25 years, I am still able to do it at a high standard.

It’s not the first time I have spoken out. I have always lived by the principle that no amount of money on God’s green Earth could make me stop being who I am.

He also spoke about his chance meeting with UFC CEO Dana White, who was present at Madison Square Garden along with former President Donald Trump.

It’s funny. As I was standing with our president and talking about that UFC match, someone came over to say, “The CEO of Anheuser Busch is right behind you.”

White recalled what “Rock” told him that night.

Why did this happen? I told him, that night: ‘You sent a signal to many people like me, like-minded individuals, for us to put aside the trans thing for a moment, right?

By sending the can to [Mulvaney], it’s like you’re supporting this lifestyle. And, more importantly, you’re promoting men in women’s sports or my granddaughter’s locker room.

A-B InBev stated at the time, “Yes, it was just one can”, which meant nothing to loyal Bud Light drinkers, whether “just one can” or “one million cans.” The message was still sent.

Kid told the CEO that “we can coexist in public spaces,” adding: “You may not be my very first dinner invitation, do you understand?” And I’m not likely to be yours either,” he said, adding: “I don’t mind you at all. That’s the way most people behave.”

I don’t know if “most people” in this case or other similar cases are right, but I do believe Kid Rock had more of a point than not.

Meanwhile, Target has not responded to our request for comment.