Hilarious VICE Discussion Panel on ‘Asian Hate’ Is the Absolute State of the Deranged Left


VICE held a panel discussion on “Asian Hate” recently. It included the supposed plight as a “model minority,” and illustrated the total state of the race-obsessed, deranged left.

Things quickly went sour as the panel’s few conservatives clashed vigorously with many of the progressives. Disagreements about “whiteness” or how success is achieved escalated into fireworks with one purple-haired lady taking the show by storm.

I feel sorry that the man in a suit is suffering. He sits there trying to explain that it doesn’t feel like he’s being held back by a conspiracy of “white power structures”, but before he finishes, the purple-haired lady jumps in shouting about the “white people.”

The second clip is the most important. The topic turns to why Asians have higher incomes and lower crime rates than other races (including whites). The man in a suit points to factors like family cohesion and personal responsibility as well as cultural expectations. The purple-haired woman becomes apoplectic and accuses him of racism. The green-shirted man starts to flip out in shock at the suggestion that out-of-wedlock children are a cause for poverty. It’s hilarious.

Listening to the opinions of the progressives on the panel boils down to one thing: “Whiteness” must be avoided at all cost, even if what is being called “whiteness” is objectively positive and ultimately not racial. Assimilation can be beneficial if you integrate your culture into practices that promote personal success and social cohesion.

This should be common sense. Keep your grades up, go to school, have children only after you are married, and obey the law. These are the things that will make you a great American citizen, regardless of your race. This doesn’t mean that racism isn’t real. Some people will hit speed bumps in some situations. But, the total dismissal of American success as “whiteness”, is absurd. This is also false.