How Many Crossed, Out of the 23 People on Terrorist Database Stopped at Southern Border in 2021?


After the second year of Old Joe Biden’s misrule, the United States’ Southern Border, which was once known as the United States’ Southern frontier, is virtually nonexistent. It was therefore not surprising that Border Patrol arrested at least 23 border-crossing suspects on Monday. They were all on the Terrorist Screening Database. This database allows terrorists access to as much information and data as anyone else. They shouldn’t profit from the chaos that Old Joe created. Those 23 weren’t the only ones who were arrested.

Fox News reported Monday that 23 people were encountered between Jan. 20th, when Biden began to pretend to be President, and December 27th, 2021. Their names match the Terrorist Screening Database. The administration is unable to fulfill such requests. The entry of terrorists into the United States is a perfect example of Biden’s disastrous handling of the border issue.

Terrorism is a risk from open borders. This is a well-known fact. Customs and Border Protection reported that Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested 11 Iranian citizens who had illegally crossed the border into the United States. This was a long-standing fact.

Rep. John Katko (R.N.Y. John Katko (R.N.Y.) stated that terrorists on the watchlist are now exploiting the south border. We need to wake up. Rodney Scott, an ex-Border Patrol chief warned that the Southern Border was a “national security emergency” with “TSDBs of an unprecedented level.” He stated that there is a real threat. He stated that terrorist threats are real and cannot be accessed through this forum on Fox News in October.

They are. If Title 42, a Trump-inspired attempt to stop the flow of migrants is not stopped, as Biden’s handlers intend, that number could jump to 18,000 an hour.

Morgan said that drug cartels are just one group that is making a profit from the situation. This nightmare is not only for terrorists but also for drug cartels.

Morgan also stated that the Biden administration opened our borders and created and encouraged an unprecedented southwest border crisis that had never been experienced before. Morgan asked: What’s the point? He also stated that their priorities were to allow illegal aliens into the country not because it is disgusting but because they believe there is a political benefit.

It is insane.

Biden’s border irresponsibility could have other consequences. 23 people are arrested on the terrorist list; how many more did they get through? These questions might lead to some surprising answers.