Is This the Most Horribly Aged Tweet Ever?


AAA reports that the national average gasoline price is $4.715. Heck, I don’t mind paying $4.715/gal right now since I just paid $4.79/gal yesterday.

This is an all-time record, so… I guess… congratulations Joe Biden!

It’s a great time to remember that six months ago, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee tweeted the most absurd graphic. It showed that the national average gas price dropped from $3.40 per gallon to $3.38 per gallon at November’s end. Joe Biden was credited for the colossal 2C/gal drop.

This graphic was quite bold considering that it claimed a 2C/ decrease in gas prices.

Yet, the gas prices have risen more than a dollar per gallon in the six months since Biden was saved by the DCCC.

Thanks, Joe Biden, you’re swell.