Woke Corporations and Harried Moms


It’s Pride Month, as it’s being promoted on every social media platform and in every store. It comes on the heels of May’s AAPI Month (Asian-American Pacific Islanders), which is itself the successor to Women’s Heritage Month and Black History Month. (Although Allergies month seems to be a popular celebration, April apparently hasn’t chosen a celebration. But I digress.) While July and August are Both It’s Too Hot for a Month Months, September is Hispanic Heritage Month. It doesn’t begin until October 15th for some reason. Breast Cancer Awareness Month collides with it. Each month of November and December is too busy.

This month. Presently, stressed mothers are burning through their monthly budgets, drawing on ever-diminishing savings due to stratospheric gasoline prices, and desperately trying to find baby formula at every store. According to various corporate activities, boardrooms all over the country are convinced that moms find great comfort in knowing that, although it is nearly impossible to provide food for their children, they still have options to dress them in the most appropriate outfits that reflect their sexual preferences. This is despite their child being many years older than the time that the icky heterosexual activity brought him into this world.

Canadian prog group Rush released Signals in 1995. It featured the title track “Subdivisions” before Neal Peart, band drummer and lyricist, died from bitter atheism. He viewed society from a libertarian perspective.

Peart, in the song’s 1980s synthesizer washes and harmonies, pondered on social conformity and the corresponding pressure on all to submit. This further exacerbates the gap between suburb and city.

Growing up it all seems so one-sided
Opinions all provided
The future pre-decided
Detached and subdivided
In the mass production zone
Nowhere is the dreamer
Or the misfit so alone

Apart from its immediate appeal to teenage angst, the lyrics foretold the modern approach to Pride Month and other permutations of it by about forty years.

Modern liberalism is intolerant of all forms of dissident opinion. It is always ready to go all Alinsky on anyone who dares to stray from its dictates. Conformity is mandatory. The only tradition is the new “tradition”.

This raises an issue, and it is one that transcends liberalism’s all-pervasive incorrect nature. This week’s woke is a risky move by the corporation. It could give the impression that it is abandoning its primary mission to be one of the Kool Kidz. This mother is not interested in the month or which low-cost marketing campaign is being run to sell useless junk. She wants to feed her child. She wants to be free to shop for groceries and fill her car with gas without worrying about which bills she will have to skip in order to make ends meet. She doesn’t care about Amber Heard or Johnny Depp. She is focused on her immediate needs. She understands the priorities of other businesses, even if they can’t meet her needs. She is not included in any of them. She will look for a business that puts her priorities first, rather than virtue signaling.

It is not a way to run a business by encouraging subdivisions for trivial pursuits.