U.S. Intel Says Everyone Is Sensing the End Is Near for Putin


According to a U.S. classified intelligence document, Vladimir Putin was treated for advanced cancer in April.

According to intelligence reports, Putin was also saved by an assassination attempt in March after the invasion of Ukraine.

Newsweek was told by one of the three intelligence officers who reviewed the report: “Putin’s grip is strong, but no longer absolute.” “The Kremlin jockeying has never been more intense under his rule, with everyone feeling that the end is coming.”

The office of the Director for National Intelligence provided one source. According to Newsweek, the DNI officer said that they know there is an iceberg somewhere out there. However, it is covered in fog. The Ukraine war has largely drained our source of intelligence, which was contact with outsiders. Putin has not had many meetings with foreign leaders… Putin’s isolation has increased speculation levels.”

Putin has made a number of public appearances recently, which have led to speculation that Putin is unwell.

Experts argue that Putin’s illness does not mean Russia is less dangerous.

“Even if the intelligence [that Putin is dead] is reliable,” said the DNI officer, “they cannot bank on an expiration or signal their support for Russia without Putin.”

The official stated that a nuclear-armed Russia is still a nuclear-armed Russia regardless of Putin’s strength or weakness. Not wanting to provoke him and his successor into thinking that we are intent on their destruction is an important part of continued strategic stability.