J.D Vance and East Palestine Mayor Sum up Failed Response of Biden Admin


The federal response to the East Palestine, Ohio derailment, and the subsequent environmental danger from toxic chemical to the public, was abysmal.

A few days ago, I wrote that the feds had left the town and local authorities to handle the situation on their own, despite residents suffering from the chemical effects and fish dying. The train was unable to stop on February 3. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg did not make any comment about the accident until Feb. 13, when it was publicly humiliated. He didn’t even say anything that would have seemed to be of immediate assistance to those who were in concern about the situation.

Twitchy, our sister site, did a walkthrough of the town in order to inform people about what was happening because media coverage has been poor.

To address all concerns, the people of the town convened a public meeting on Wednesday night.

One resident asked Mayor Trent Conaway, “Where is Pete Buttigieg?”

Conaway stated, “I don’t know.” Conaway said, “I don’t know.” Tuesday was nearly two weeks since the train accident.

The Norfolk Southern Railroad, the company behind the train, stated that they couldn’t make it to the meeting due to safety concerns. This didn’t help matters.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine was able to obtain some health assistance from HHS to cover medical expenses. The Mayor also stated that there was financial assistance from Norfolk Southern Railroad. However, the Mayor stressed that it is important to “make whole” the people who are affected by the situation.

FEMA maintains constant contact with East Palestine’s emergency operation center and the Ohio Emergency Management Agency. “We are closely coordinating avec EPA, HHS and the CDC who are helping to test air and water quality and to conduct public health assessment,” FEMA spokesperson Jeremy Edwards stated to Fox News Digital in a statement .[….]

Experts have raised doubts about the safety of the air and suggested that residents should not accept compensation from Norfolk Southern.

“The railroad company and these people who returned to their homes are responsible,” Sil Caggiano, a local hazardous material specialist, said Tuesday to Fox News. Their homes should have been inspected. Their homes should be cleaned. These people were marginalized from the beginning in an attempt to alleviate this.

Sen. J.D. Vance (R.-OH) stated that if the EPA administrator believes the water is safe for drinking, he can invite him to try it.

Gov. How can it not be considered if your home is made potentially unsafe or you are experiencing the effects?

This is the problem. These people just want to feel that their concerns have been addressed. They’ve had the runaround for two weeks and the Biden administration continues its deceit.