Jamaal Bowman Defiant After Triggering Fire Alarm


Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) pulled the fire alarm when Democrats tried to delay a vote to avoid a shutdown of the government.

But apparently, no one has told Bowman that the best legal position is to just stop talking. Or he thinks that because he has the magical “D” after his name he will suffer no consequences for his actions (and he may be right).

“I don’t understand why this is getting so much attention. It was just a hurry to vote. ”

Bowman, when asked whether he was concerned about any legal or other repercussions of his actions, again played down the severity of them, saying:

“Listen, I accept responsibility for my actions, but I was in a hurry to vote. The investigation will take care of the rest.”

Reporters questioned him about whether he spoke with Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives (D-NY), but he refused to reveal the details. It must have been an interesting conversation as they probably brainstormed different ways to spin the debacle.

He has a lot to deal with if he can’t understand why people are upset about him possibly committing a crime.

He’s just trying to make himself look silly to avoid being expelled or facing criminal charges.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-CA, rebuked Bowman’s ridiculous defense. He noted that Bowman was a principal and knew what a “fire alarm” was.

McCarthy mentioned Bowman screaming at other members. As Massie reminded us, Bowman was unhinged when he went after Rep. Thomas Massie. McCarthy stated that Bowman’s behavior has been “unbecoming.” This is a term they will likely use to try to expel or censure him.

McCarthy questioned why Bowman immediately contacted a lawyer if the mistake was real, instead of just saying that it was a mishap.

If it was a mistake, I’d like to know why Bowman fled the scene so quickly. What made him remove the emergency exit sign from the doorway?

The Fox hosts asked McCarthy what he thought of Bowman’s explanation.

“If you know this individual… everybody knows.”

That’s quite a burn.

We’ll see how the Capitol Police respond to this, and if they take any action.