Joe Biden Attempts to Change Shape in Deranged Public Display


The Democrat Party is still unaware of the changes it has undergone over the past few years, which is not surprising. Time once in a while, liberals could shout that they were for the “working man” and not receive four Pinocchios. However, that time has passed and Joe Biden apparently has not grasped the message.

He gave a series of Labor Day speeches on Monday in which he seemed deranged both by his appearance and the things he said. He had what some called a Howard Dean moment. Have a look.

It looks like Biden’s drug handlers weren’t able to dial in his drug mix. It’s hard to watch the shrieking and anger. It would be easy to ask him about his topic. How has “Pharma” been defeated by the Democrats?

Isn’t it the Democrats that have made Moderna, Pfizer, and other Big Pharma outfits subsidiary of their party? Biden’s administration has funneled billions to the industry. The Biden administration tried to make it mandatory that all COVID vaccines are infused and boosters are available at the federal level. Big Pharma has been a fan of the Biden administration for the past two years more than anyone else.

Biden shouting about how they beat him should cause people to scratch their heads. Or is he really that old? Is he just so stupid that he thinks Americans are stupid? Although it’s likely that it’s a combination of both, a message sent by Biden’s social-media team on the same date provided some insight into the strategy being used.

Biden and his Democrats being anti-Big Pharma is absurd enough. But to now see him try to make the claim that he’s anti-Wall Street is just as ridiculous.

These are the facts. Joe Biden received 2.5 times the amount of Wall Street donations as Donald Trump. This trend continues into the midterms, as big business continues its strong preference for the Democrat Party. With woke-ness now commonplace in executive office offices, this trend is likely to continue. Is it really true that Wall Street favors Republicans, but gives the majority of its donations directly to Democrats? No one believes that, and it is absurd for Biden to pretend that he is standing up against big businesses and hedge funds.

The Democrat Party is now dominated almost entirely by wealthy, well-educated white elites. It is not the party for blue-collar workers. The only connection it has to the middle-class is its support of labor unions, which then funnel cash back in return.

Biden’s inept attempt to transform himself into someone who understands the struggle will not be accepted by anyone with two brain cells. He’s a Big-Pharma-loving, rich man who lives at his Delaware beach house every weekend. Wall Street loves him because they love him back. Although the president might want to escape this reality, he cannot. His gaslighting should be laughable.