Tulsi Gabbard’s Excellent Suggestions for Florida’s Parental Rights Bill, has Lefts Reeling


We reported previously that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the “Parental Rights in Education Bill” last Monday. Critics refer to it as the “don’t speak gay” law. But, it doesn’t contain the word “gay” anywhere.

It states that school personnel or third parties cannot teach students about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through grades 3. This is contrary to state standards. Teachers must be cautious about what they share with children under five years old in the classroom. Conservatives support the measure.

And speaking to that point, former Congresswoman and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard took to the Twitter machine earlier to not only express her support for the law but also to note her surprise that the limiting of the instruction/discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity topics only applied to grades K-3.

Gabbard stated that many people know that the government is targeting parental rights in the country. He suggested that we support Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill. This bill bans school administrators and students from teaching “woken sexual values”.

Gabbard stated that attendance requires a captive audience. She suggested that the law should be extended. She said, “I was shocked it protects children between kindergarten and third grade.” What about through the 12th?

She then moved to the areas she believes public education should be focused on: Reading, writing, and arithmetic. Students are failing in history. “Our schools fail. That is the reality that we all live in this country.”

“Now I’m confident that if our schools focused on educating our kids, teaching them the fundamentals … we would see our literacy rates improve and set our young people up for success to be thinking logically, to be thinking critically, and thinking for themselves. This is what our public schools should focus on” Gabbard asserted.


It was shared by many Democrats. She also spoke out about the need for politicians to be more concerned about the work of “woke” groups indoctrinating students on topics like homosexual orientation, transgenderism, and hatred of America.

DeSantis and the Republicans in the Florida state legislature obviously have been trying to address some of those concerns with this and other legislation as have other red-state governors and state legislatures, which is a good thing. The worry I think people who oppose these indoctrination efforts have the most is in wondering how much backbone these same Republicans will have when the left/media/woke corporations begin their inevitable coordinated trash campaigns complete with Hollywood elitists chiming in with lectures and then the legal threats that almost always follow.

DeSantis’ company has demonstrated that it will not back down from leftist media/PR attempts.