Pelosi Freaks out on Reporter Who Dares to Question Her


It would be difficult to quantify with current technology how happy most people on the left are that Republicans won the House and are taking Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) out of her leadership role.

Pelosi gave her last testimony as Speaker. As we reported, she also unveiled a portrait that depicted herself for the Speaker’s Lobby. This picture was so popular, it almost prompted memes. The funny thing about all these tributes is that she will still be in Congress, even though she is no longer in a leadership position. They are paying her all these tributes as though she was gone. She’s still there, and is actively involved in her own honoring.

It seems that I was not the only one who found it odd. A reporter asked Pelosi whether she was now out of leadership and if she would be staying around. “Will your full two-year term for San Francisco residents?” This seems like a reasonable question. The journalist is just doing her job. It struck a nerve with Nancy Pelosi and she flipped out.

“What is it?” “Don’t bother me with questions like that,” Pelosi said, her nose in the air, and her lips not moving as much due to Botox. “Really. Really, OK? I did what I promised. I find these types of questions a complete waste of time.”

Imagine a person pretending to be a public servant answering that way to a reporter, or any other person.

How dare anyone question Queen Elizabeth II? It is amazing to see her arrogance. It’s almost as if she thinks we are working for her and not the other way around. She believes the sun rises or sets around her so she doesn’t think you are worthy of a polite, decent answer. She doesn’t think she has to answer any question she doesn’t like.

This is her speech now that Pelosi has resigned from the leadership role and won’t be running for it again. Pelosi no longer hides her true self, pretending to be polite. This is because she is a vile person, who is only interested in power. This is also how she treats media who have always lobbied all over her.

This makes me believe that the reporter is probably right about the target of the question. Pelosi will probably be gone in a year. She is likely just staying put, hoping to be offered the ambassadorship to Italy by Joe Biden.

It would be reasonable to assume that the media would report on her treatment of a reporter. They would have jumped on a Republican who did this. Pelosi won’t be mentioned, but she will get a pass.