Kamala Harris’ Delusional Approval Ratings Take


It’s difficult to tell if Vice President Kamala Harris has delusions or if she thinks that she can convince the American people of something that is clearly not true. In a recent interview, Harris attempted to turn her dismal approval ratings into a positive thing.

While speaking to ABC News, the vice president blamed other people for distracting from her supposed achievements while serving as President Joe Biden’s deputy:

RealClearPolitics reports that her average approval rating for her job is 41% and she disapproves at 53%. According to the polling aggregator, Joe Biden has an average approval/disapproval of 42%-54%.

Harris said in an ABC interview that aired on Monday that “there are polls which also show that I have great ratings.” “I believe the point that needs to be made is there are attempts to distract from the achievements of our administration.”

Harris didn’t point to any specific polls, but no recent survey shows her at a higher level than 44%.

The vice president also downplayed concerns over Biden’s reelection bid, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Democratic Primary challenge and third-party campaigns from Cornel West of the Green Party or No Labels.

She said, “Our focus was on strengthening America. We are working every day to see what we do in order to lower the cost of healthcare and what we fight for when it comes to strengthening the economy and the families of America.”

Harris didn’t point out any polls that showed favorable approval ratings. There aren’t any. Harris has the lowest approval rating of any vice president. Democrats and elite media have tried to minimize this reality by pretending the results of the polls reflect the rampant racism and sexism in America. It is easy to see, however, that her dismal approval ratings are more of a reflection of her incompetence than her unchangeable traits.

Harris, once considered a rising star of the Democratic Party, had many issues during her time in the White House. She was often mocked because she couldn’t give a coherent speech. She has also become known as a gaffe machine, just like her boss. Consider her recent speech about artificial intelligence:

Harris’ handling of the migrant crises has been criticized by both the left and the right. She has not done much to resolve the issue, despite being named the border czar with a role that was supposed to tackle the “root causes” of the crisis. She was criticized for not even visiting the border, but eventually caved in and made the trip south.

Last year, a number of reports were published describing her poor management style. This led to a large number of resignations. Even left-leaning news outlets covered the pronounced turnover at her office.

Harris is a huge disappointment for Democrats who had high expectations of her career. Leftists praised her in the run-up to 2020 and were thrilled when Biden selected her as his running partner. They speculated she might become the first woman to hold the Oval Office.

Now, it is clear that Harris was not the champion Democrats wanted. Harris’ tenure as vice president left America with an unpleasant taste in their mouth. Her performance is the culprit, not racism or sexism.